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Hi I'm Jodie Cooper,

Over the past eight years I've been assisting business people, just like yourself, to manage their businesses more effectively, deal with stress and become more successful at work and happier at home. Through Coaching, Workshops, Speaking events and a range of Motivational products, thousands of my clients have taken their own journey towards creating the business and life they want.  

If you're ready to make some changes in your business, I'm ready to help. Together we'll work out the best way to move forward with a clear vision, exciting objectives and a strategy that simply must succeed! Before we meet, check out the website. You'll find plenty of great info to get you started and browse the testimonials page to see what clients are saying about their successes.

Think Better. Work Better. Live Better and most importantly.... Be Happy!


  • Maxine Meek. Blayney High School

    "Our students feel energised & positive as they approach their HSC exams and life beyond school after an inspirational and fun session with Jodie"

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  • Annette Martin, Group Employment Relations Manager. Mounties Group

    "Jodie spoke at our recent Annual Staff Update Sessions on the topic of wellbeing and positive mindsets. Jodie’s presentation was engaging, positive and very real to life. We received numerous positive comments regarding Jodie’s presentation that kept staff engaged while providing tools that can be applied to their personal and professional lives."

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  • Anna Price

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for last week. Your presentation resonated so much with me and I loved your message and loved your vibe.” 

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  • Marian Golubic, National Operations Manager. Gemtek Pty Ltd

    "Thank you for empowering me to understand why we humans behave the way we do.Your interactive workshop was one of the best I have attended and has provided me with some great tools for my business and personal life."

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  • Danika Star, Planet Footprint

    "Our team took part in a Positivity Workshop with Jodie. I cannot recommend this workshop enough - even the sceptics among the team are still applying the behaviours we learned during the workshop, almost two months on. There has been a definite shift in attitude around the office - we now remind ourselves (and each other) to look for and focus on the positive.

    I also partook in several one-on-one sessions with Jodie, and found them extremely valuable. Small suggestions and ideas along with practical advice and tools have helped me focus on how I can incorporate and build on the positivity I already

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  • Veronica Macdonald, Uniting Burnside

    "Jodie was a terrific presenter at our recent Staff Development day. Her enthusiasm and positiveness was well received by all attendees." 

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  • Tamara, Busy Executive

    “Before I started working with Jodie I felt a little lost, I didn’t have any real purpose and generally lacked motivation. Jodie helped me to see things differently and now I’m coping with stress much better and am learning to be kind to myself when things don’t go to plan. After three months, I’m now feeling motivated, optimistic and on the right track again. It’s definitely been a great investment.”

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  • Natasha Woodnut, Managing Director. Bohmer's Tree Care

    "Thank you for delivering such a motivating training session and tailoring it for the different levels of management and staff. My staff really engaged with the practical exercises and it was a great opportunity for all of us to reflect as a team!"

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  • Deidre Jones, Owner & Photographer. Dream Designs & Photography

    "I am currently being coached by Jodie Cooper and what can I say… I absolutely LOVE it!! Jodie has helped me in both my personal and business goals. She listens intently to my struggles and needs and offers creative solutions that have improved my business and my life as a happy and positive person. For quite sometime I was just working on my business day by day, project to project and not really growing or going anywhere. But now I have a clear vision as to where I’d like my business to go and how I'm going to get there.

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  • Siria Thomas, Director. Northern Stars Swim School

    "I have been speaking publically for many years, but I still found Jodie’s course very beneficial. She taught me things I didn’t know that I didn’t know and I feel that my speaking skills and confidence has certainly improved. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in investing in themselves!"

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  • Logan Stojcevski. Project Manager

    "Working with Jodie over the last two months has been great. I’m feeling much calmer, much more in control and I’m now able to let go to the little things that used to stress me out. I've learned lots of simple strategies to improve my life and Jodie helped me to set and achieve meaningful goals, it really is a winning formula.

    My mindset has shifted in a positive direction and I’m much happier in general now. I’m excited again about what I can make of my future! Yes, Coaching with Jodie Cooper was a great decision!"

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  • Shaz Harrison-Shaw, CEO. Need-a-feed

    "Your Public Speaking course helped me to structure my speech really well. Everyone was laughing at the first line, which was my intention and made me feel at ease. I got them hook line and sinker! NO NOTES OR ANYTHING!! WOW! I felt so good!!"

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  • Kerrie Elliott. Small Biz Connect

    "We have engaged Jodie on two occasions to speak at our events which are attended by small business owners. Jodie is a delight to work with and delivers engaging, relevant and inspiring content. The feedback from our audiences has always been positive and she certainly draws the numbers for attendance. I would recommend utilizing Jodie’s skills, knowledge and excellent delivery."

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  • Jennifer Nelson, Manager Community Relations. Care South

    "I thought the sessions were great and it made me take time to myself. I really looked forward to going.I have become much more forthright in my communication. I’m not afraid to express what I’m really thinking and I’ve been able to verbalise my feelings better. I think because I understand better exactly what I’m feeling and experiencing I’m better able to put that into words.

    I am absolutely able to deal with my challenges differently and better. I still need to work on my self care but I’m a work in progress.

    The most beneficial thing about my coaching

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  • Nicola. CanTeen Australia

    "It was a really good session! I loved the balloons exercise for obvious reasons - it was hilarious. The way she explained positive psychology made a lot of sense to me and the way she connected the dots between positive psychology and public speaking was particularly helpful."

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  • Monique Field, Director. Business in Heels

    "Jodie’s presentation’s are uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. Her topics are refreshing, and should be shared with everyone at all levels of business from small operators to corporate! Jodie presented in a manner that is entertaining and educational and is able to get her message across to the entire audience. That’s a hard combination to achieve, but she does it with style and grace.

    Jodie would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, down to earth speaker. Jodie can capture her audience with your energy, conviction and the undeniable passion for her message. Your ability

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  • Maiya Kenny, Healing Steps Wellness Centre

    "The Executive Coaching sessions I had with Jodie was money and time well spent. Her expertise & perspective on my business meant we were able to nut out a list of manageable tasks that would increase my business, my data base and my productivity. She gave me the confidence and the motivation to achieve tasks that I previously baulked at. Thank you Jodie for your understanding and insight."

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  • Paul Munro, Director. Vision Studio

    "Meeting with Jodie came with perfect timing! I was at the start of a week full of important meetings and dead lines, and feeling the pressure! I was also at a point in both my personal and business life that required some clarity and direction.

    Jodie worked with me to remove the stress I was feeling and the pressure I was placing on myself, and see the future clearer through goal setting and realistic planning. I will be referring my friends to Jodie and look forward to implementing the systems she has given me."

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  • Stacey Corbeski, Brand & Marketing Strategy. Aster Group

    "Jodie is a fantastic mentor and executive coach that can assist you in performing to your potential. Jodie's approach is personal, professional and supportive. Working with Jodie has been a great advantage for me in improving my leadership skills and developing a valuable team."

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  • Karen Gardner. TAFE NSW

    "I have had the pleasure of attending several executive coaching sessions and public speaking workshops with Jodie.

    I am in awe of Jodie's energy, positiveness, genuine and sincere support and understanding of the key issues that relate to the individual.

    I strongly recommend Jodie's executive coaching skills, advice, skills and current knowledge to those who want a competitive edge."

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  • Myriam Marchant. Kiama Council

    "Jodie’s laughter session was an instant success with all carers. Jodie is a fantastic presenter, energetic, funny and exceeded carer’s expectations.Thank you!"

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  • Phil Wilson, Director. Bang On Wines

    "Jodie’s public speaking course was truly thought-out, structured and engaging; pushing everyone to step out their comfort zone. Not only is Jodie very energetic and friendly, she’s also a consummate professional that has positivity oozing from her veins and leaves a positive impression straight away on all of those participating. I would recommend Jodie to anyone wanting to get more out of their public speaking and life in general."

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  • Christine Jones, Director. Leisure Coast Packaging

    "The workshops were immensely informative and Jodie’s presentation style is always entertaining. The team were engaged and enthusiastic during both workshops and when we returned back to the workplace we found everybody had a new enthusiasm and confident attitude towards not only their work life but also their home life.

    Jodie taught us invaluable skills regarding positive psychology which we will carry with us and draw upon our knowledge for many years to come.

    Thanks again Jodie from the team at Leisure Coast Packaging & Hospitality Supplies."

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  • Adrian Mitchell, Supporter Care Manager. CanTeen Australia

    "I’m so glad we found Jodie as a presenter for our recent all-staff conference- it was a highlight of the event.
    Jodie is warm, engaging and very natural- she had the room hooked from her opening story.
    Great practical tips, lots of interaction and a well balanced presentation.
    The session was fun, informative and lively- it was great to end our conference on a high and I’ve already seen some of Jodie’s tips being used!"

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  • Sarah. Real Estate Professional

    "After working with Jodie I’m feeling much more motivated and organised and my path forward is now crystal clear. I’m excited about my goals again! My relationship has improved dramatically and I just have a better perspective and mindset in all areas of my life.

    Jodie has a great way of explaining things and a simple conversation would unfold in a week’s time, often with profound changes. I’m so happy I decided to come and see you, it’s been the best investment ever!"

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  • Jodi Thomson, Director. Designer Staging Solutions

    "Jodie Cooper is amazing & I wouldn't be where I am today without her. My positivity, drive and focus have increased and my business and family have received the benefits. Thank you!"

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  • Dorina Basurto, Wellness and Healing at Home

    "I loved the format and contents of this workshop. It’s taught me so much more than just preparing a presentation or speech. Jodie knows a lot and she is an amazing educator and speaker. I’m so glad I attended!"

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  • Tina Hunt. Wollongong Cancer Council

    "The Public Speaking course was not just an exceptional course, it was an exceptional experience. I enjoyed every minute of it! I gained a multitude of new skills and my confidence levels increased ten fold. I went away feeling like I could really capture and engage my audience in a way that I have not done before. Thank you Jodie, I can honestly say that this course was life changing!!"

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  • Matthew Becker, National Business Manager. Coca-Cola Amatil

    "I had the opportunity to engage Jodie Cooper to fundamentally improve my approach to business success through executive coaching. Jodie's clear, honest and tailored executive program has seen a shift in my ability to be a sales leader, develop more meaningful stakeholder relationships - and ultimately focus on growth drivers for business and personal success."

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  • David Jennings, Owner. David Jennings Building

    "I was recently offered the opportunity to do a 20 minute business presentation at a major event, run by Pat Mesiti, on the Gold Coast. I contacted Jodie Copper, and booked a 1 hour public speaking coaching session. In that hour Jodie quickly sifted my ideas and enabled me to hone in on my message. Jodie has an ability to ask the right questions that weeded out the unnecessary content and enabled me to choose the right direction for my presentation. Timing is one of the most important aspects of presenting, and Jodie helped me get my main points across

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  • Bruce, Professional Trader

    For the last twenty nine years, I am now aware that I have been psychologically 'beating my self up' due to many awful decisions I had made in my personal and business life. This was the worst possible impediment one needs when wanting to support a family, look after employees and the interests of shareholders. On one hand my self-belief, intuition, training and skills would propel me into endeavours that were impossible at worst or extremely difficult at best. I came to believe that only I could find the worst possible way to attempt a project or undertake a new

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  • Carol Berry, General Manager. Warilla Women's Centre

    "Jodie’s humanity shines through as a speaker and she is always warm, always funny, always thought-provoking and always engaging. Thank you once again for an inspiring address Jodie – always an uplifting experience!"

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  • Jon Harris, Jon Harris Photography

    "Jodie is so inspiring and motivational, and in a super fun way! She gets the message across really clearly, and in an engaging, interactive way. I gained heaps of value out of just a small talk, so I can only imagine how beneficial it would be to do multiple sessions with Jodie!"

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  • Michelle Forte, Director. Austinmer Dance Theatre

    "We’ve done numerous workshops with Jodie and all of them have been insightful, engaging and inspiring. The combination of Jodie’s coaching and workshops has been a winning formula for our Company!"

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  • Susan Rogers, Hospital Services Manager. Peoplecare

    "I've been so lucky to work with Jodie, such an authentically positive & beautiful person. Jodie's executive coaching has helped me set new goals in both my career & personal life. Jodie's taught me how consciously creating positive thoughts can open up your world to new possibilities & how creating a positive team environment will bring the best out in the people around you. It's early days & I will need to keep practicing, but the future is looking brighter! I can't thank Jodie enough."

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  • Eamelia Mozejko, Sales Consultant. Bartercard

    "The laughter workshop with you was both inspiring and uplifting! Everyone I spoke to afterwards told me that it had made them feel relaxed and recharged. The mental and physical benefits you shared with us, showing us the wonders of ‘laughter’ proved just how important it is to take time out of our busy lives to simply enjoy. It certainly made us all laugh!"

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  • Peter Strelnikow, Manager - CBU Procurement. Toyota Australia

    "Jodie’s presentation was greatly received by my team. Her focus on positivity and resilience helped us to stand back and look at things with fresh eyes."

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  • Emily Squires, HR Manager. Novotel Wollongong and Brighton

    "Jodie Cooper is an absolute breath of fresh air. Jodie facilitated a workshop at the Novotel for two of our key sales teams from Novotel Wollongong and Novotel Brighton to assist in building a positive workplace culture and bring synergies between both teams. She did that and much more! Jodie’s workshop was interactive, fun and engaging whilst also providing a basis for a great sales platform and strong team relationships. Jodie is extremely passionate and has the ability to transform a room from boring into fun.

    Our teams were particularly excited that they could not only use Jodie’s strategies to

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  • Glenda Papac, Director. Illawarra Women in Business

    "Jodie is very personable, natural and engaging. She is a 'down to earth' presenter, and inspiring to all who have had the good fortune to listen to her. Jodie makes a genuine connection with her audience. We have been particularly impressed at Jodie’s ability to link her goal setting and experiences and make them relevant to her audience, because of this ability Jodie’s key messages stay with her audience for a long time.

    Jodie gives a hands-on presentation with audience participation with participants reporting her presentations to be valuable. She reinforces the importance of setting goals in our lives. Jodie's

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  • Carolyn Dews, Former GM. Illawarra Academy of Sport

    "I have worked with Jodie Cooper for many years. I approached Jodie in the capacity of being a Life Coach with a specific focus on assisting me with challenges that I was facing at work. Each month I would meet up with Jodie to discuss challenges and to develop strategies. I have found Jodie to be a true professional and a wonderful person, who is both an outstanding coach and a person with great values and integrity- someone who I am really able to relate to and trust.

    Each month Jodie would listen to and discuss with me the challenges

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  • Peter Buckley, Head of Strategy & Innovation. Peoplecare

    "Our team at Peoplecare engaged Jodie for an interactive session on public speaking and presenting skills. Jodie is an exceptional communicator and gave insight into what makes a successful presentation and how to prepare for an exceptional delivery. I would highly recommend a conversation with Jodie to see how she can assist your personal or business needs."

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  • Maralyn Young, Managing Director. Casa Mia

    "I have been in business for 39 years and had this thought in my head “What could Jodie possibly teach me? She is so young.” Well I was pleasantly surprised. Jodie not only helped me with my business but also in my personal life. Jodie helped me to understand and handle myself and my relationships better.

    I achieve so much more in a day with the simple but effective tools that Jodie has given me. I can now face my fears and just do it. I am so much more organised I have more time and my life is more

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  • Michele Rush, Senior Manager Woolyungah Indigenous Centre, University of Wollongong

    "Jodie was amazing! I learnt a lot about myself and achieving my confidence and goals. I will highly recommend Jodie to staff and friends. Well worth the investment!!"

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  • Greg Pollock, Partner. Butler & Pollock

    "I believe the essential criteria of Life Coaching are listening, challenging and facilitation. Jodie strikes a great balance between all three, drawing out the answers from within. When taking on a coach, my goal was to attain an understanding of the process with an aim to use this knowledge to improve my interactions with people. I have been able to achieve this goal and more. At the same time learning more about myself and the importance of setting goals. Coaching has enhanced my ability to understand “just what is important”. With focus and belief anything is possible.

    Coaching provides the

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  • Michael Allendorf, Coordinator. Early Years Expo (Rosehill)

    "What a fantastic way to open our conference. Jodie delivered a super engaging presentation which our delegates enjoyed immensely. Jodie was a delight to deal with, and showed great initiative in the lead up to ensure that her presentation was tailored to our audience. I highly recommend Jodie, and look forward to having an opportunity to work with her again."

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  • Michelle Forte. Dance Professional

    "If you want to be the best you can be, then Jodie's 6 week program will head you in the right direction. Arriving for my first session feeling quite apprehensive about what to expect, Jodie very quickly put me at ease with her motivating and caring manner. She has a unique ability to inspire without being pushy or forceful. After leaving my first life coaching session I was already looking forward to the second.

    During the next 6-8 weeks I found myself leaving every session feeling inspired and excited about both long and short term goals. Jodie is very wise

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  • Nicole Hickman, Occupational Therapist

    "Coaching from Jodie Cooper was exactly what I needed to identify my self imposed limitations and develop strategies to overcome them so that I could move forward, with a positive frame of mind, to achieve my goals. Whilst personally confronting at times, coaching allowed me to step out of my comfort zone with the full support and encouragement from my coach. I would not hesitate to seek more coaching in the future to achieve further goals. I highly recommend Jodie Cooper as a professional and valuable coaching service."

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  • Rachel Flannery, Copy Wrighter

    "Before meeting Jodie at a one day course she presented, I thought Life Coaching was for people with more dollars than sense. But during the course I felt strongly that Jodie could really help me develop a clear course towards my goals.

    Once we got talking about what I wanted out of my career and out of my personal life, Jodie's insights were a revelation. Life Coaching has shown me how to make important changes in my life and I feel confident about my future for the first time in a long time!"

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  • Maria Mitzikis, The Food Muse

    "Jodie immediately made a friendly and very professional impression on me. When I met Jodie life was starting afresh for me, I had no contacts for my business and no direction as to how to grow my client base and business contacts. At her invitation I embarked on a 6 week program with her and at the end of these sessions I had realised all of my personal and professional goals and am now running a successful bustling Cooking School in our local area.

    Jodie stood by me every step of the way, guided me and encouraged me to do

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  • David Reed, Entrepreneur and Investor

    "In hindsight, I wish we had met years earlier. The changes I have adopted from my time with Jodie have been fundamental and profound. It was like someone had pulled back the curtain to help me see a bigger picture, a picture with more clarity, a wider angle, resulting in a better way to communicate and enjoy my life. I am very appreciative for the experience I have gained. Through the various methods and tools Jodie employs, we tackled some often complex and difficult issues both close at heart and those purely business in nature.

    I would describe Jodie's service

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  • Daryl Hockey, Heavy machinery operator

    "I have been with Jodie's work now for over 18 months. I have been diagnosed as suffering from ADHD for 10 years. Now the strand of ADHD that affects me is short term memory, lack of organisational skills, lack of future planning as well as anxiety coupled with depression. Everybody will no doubt have suffered from at least one of these problems if not more.

    With a ADHD sufferer they experience it more intensely, more frequently and for longer. Jodie has been a major factor in bringing me out of the woods and 18 months down the track I have

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  • Gabby Anchor

    "Through the gentle and caring coaching I have received from Jodie I have been guided to clearly identifying what I want in my life and totally removing self-defeating thoughts. These thoughts are so powerless now I am no longer even able to recall them. I am confidently moving towards short-term and long-term goals. I am clear on where my personal happiness lies and on a daily basis enjoy the freedom of being at peace with me."

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  • Jordan Schaefer, Honours Student. University of Wollongong

    "I came to see Jodie at the start of my Honours year in a Bachelor of Psychology because I was aware that certain aspects of my lifestyle (e.g. time management) were limiting my potential at University. Jodie helped me to implement meaningful change in a number of areas of my life that helped me to stay on track throughout a very challenging year. Jodie played a big part in helping me achieve first class honours and the best thesis mark from any student under my honours supervisor.

    The sessions were enjoyable and engaging and helped me look at life from

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  • Carolyn Dews. Community Relations Manager. Warrigal Care

    "I have worked with Jodie for a number for years now. She is a true professional and an outstanding Coach.

    Jodie is always able to assist in coming up with simple solutions to what often seem complex issues. Jodie's positive and happy outlook is infectious and I would highly recommend Jodie to others who may want assistance in improving the quality of their life."

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  • Michael, Young Entrepreneur

    "Jodie helped me organise my dreams, wishes and ideas into realistic and achievable goals. Her straight advice backed with plenty of real world experience gave me a 'head start' on my path to the goals I set. She packed so much information into all the life coaching sessions! Jodie's' coaching isn't an expense- it's an investment into your future. If you ever feel stuck, lost, clueless or wondering what to do next, Jodie Cooper is the person to turn to."

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  • Julie, CanTeen Australia

    "I LOVED IT. She truly engaged! I also felt she spoke TO us and not AT us which makes a huge difference."

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  • Dean Jackson, Owner and General Manager. Planet Footprint

    "After 10 years owning and running a business it was time to freshen things up. My first and best move was to engage Jodie as a business and life coach. Over an initial 8 week period, Jodie provided down-to-earth psychological and emotional education and practical techniques to bring about change. I made a commitment to my myself to try these immediately at work and at home. Our company now has clearer goals, my team and I are achieving better business results, and we are happier doing it.

    I also highly recommend Jodie's Public Speaking course. In just one day our

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  • Heike Roberts, Education Director. Modfab Pty Ltd

    "Jodie Cooper was instrumental in assisting us with word-smithing a presentation that Modfab was giving at an international conference. Her expert advice and coaching was invaluable!"

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  • Kelly, Business Owner and Parent

    "Jodie has given me the tools to manage stress and anxiety, and manage and priortise the 'to do list' without stress. Jodie's given me ideas on how to communicate with my children better. My husband had noticed a big difference in my stress and anxiety, I'm more relaxed now. Coaching has enabled me to view my life in a more positive light."

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  • Fiona Kurtz, Contact Centre Manager. IRT

    "After trying to complete self discovery on my own to find that ‘thing’ I had been searching for (but didn't realise at the time what that was), I decided that I would seek some guidance by a professional that could assist me achieving my goal.

    I came across Jodie’s website and for some reason I felt a connection and kept going back and reading her website a number times. I finally made the call and Jodie spent 30 mins with me on the phone which was to just to make an appointment! That speaks for itself.

    Jodie is an inspirational

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  • Erin Weeks. Emergency Services Professional

    "For the first time in my life I'm happy and it's not based on something. Not a person or a new job, I'm just happy in me."

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  • Adam Martin, Manager & Owner. MMJ South

    "From a business perspective, I believe that if you’re not seeing a professional like Jodie, it’s not possible for you to be firing on all cylinders. After 10 years in the industry and 5 years in charge I was overwhelmed with the ongoing responsibilities that needed to be met on a daily basis. Having 16 staff members, controlling three different divisions was a consistent challenge of which my life was in total disarray. I had no balance in my life and it felt as though I was constantly chasing my tail.

    Within two sessions, Jodie had me worked out. It

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  • Linda Brown, Wollongong

    "I have gained so much insight and inspiration from my sessions with Jodie. What an amazing, open and gorgeous woman! She has drawn the best out of me and helped me see the best in others and the world in general. Anyone who thinks their life can be better – It can be! So much I have worked through – I am truly a better Linda – with determination, vision and self confidence to boot! Not only is my life more positive, my mind feels as though it’s been opened to endless possibilities and my hands have been placed on

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  • Jo Singletary, University of Wollongong

    "I wanted to send you a big thank you for your fantastic workshop on a subject a lot of people dread … Public Speaking! You took the fear out of this process for me and I’ve already taken on board the various tips and tricks for successful speaking in the future.

    Thank you for an engaging, fun, encouraging and helpful workshop – I totally recommend attending Jodie’s workshop if you want to conquer the fear … and turn it instead into a very positive experience!"

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  • Sarah Tanti, Real Estate Professional

    "I am so grateful having met you, I absolutely could not have done it with out your encouragement! You made me realise home truths about myself in a non-judgemental environment and that for me, has been critical as to how I conduct myself through the next phase of life."

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  • Andrew Severn, Projects Manager. Peoplecare

    "I met Jodie at the suggestion of my employer, I'd lost motivation, was miserable to be around both at work and at home, and deep down I knew I wasn't being the best "me" I could be.

    The first session I had with Jodie was primarily me just sitting back and listening. There were lots of questions, time for reflection, and uncomfortable silence on occasion, but I was cautious and in hindsight I didn't make it easy for Jodie. That evening I had time to think about what we talked about and it dawned on me that only I could

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