Frequently Asked Questions

How is coaching different from counselling or therapy?

Coaching is fundamentally about looking forward and helping you map out a path and start taking the steps necessary. Other disciplines work more on a diagnosis and cure principle rather than working with the client to really establish what it is that will work for them. Coaching is attentive to past issues however works towards finding solutions that will work to support the client to achieve their current and future dreams. Many clients report that coaching is much faster, more productive and generally more benificial than other therapies they have tried in the past.

What are the key benefits of coaching? 

  • Construct a foundation of happiness
  • Determine what’s really important in your life
  • Set specific objectives and general challenges
  • Establish what needs to be done to obtain your goals 
  • Enable you to create more choices in your life
  • Assist you to developing empowering habits
  • Help you to move past issues and challenges
  • Increase your confidence and motivation levels
  • Accountability to ensure you meet your objectives
  • Communication & relationship skills 

What challenges are typical in coaching? 

There are many reasons clients seek out a coach. The more common challenges clients face are relationships, health, career direction or transition, communication skills, finances and any other personal goal they may have set and are not currently meeting. Often people find they are simply not where they thought they would be and feel a general sense of not being 'on track' or having 'wasted years'. This is normal and coaching is a great way to move forward and ensure that the progress gained is sustainable.

What is NLP and how is it used? 

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a set of tools and techniques to assist a client to release negative emotions and make permanent changes almost instantly. It works on the premise that each thought, decision or choice we take makes a small path in our brain with a neuro transmitter. When these thoughts are common we begin to make that path a highway, and as we think about this issue more and more, we neurologically eliminate all other choices from our consciousness. Hence a client is left feeling like they have no options and are stuck in their familiar situation. NLP is simply a tool used to create new alternatives for clients; it is proven as one of the best methods known for creating change.

What are the beneffits of executive coaching? 

  • Aligns individuals values with the organisation
  • Stress management techniques
  • Prioritises personal objectives within the organisations goals
  • Obtains clarity about job role and target performance levels
  • Enhances communication & presentation skills
  • Ensures a work life balance is built and maintained
  • Develops strategies for success and a winners mentality
  • Empowers individuals to work at peak performance
  • Assists operational organisation to maximise efficiency

How is your coaching different to other coaches?

Jodie isn't just a coach, Jodie is a Positive Psychology and Mindset Coach. This means she can help figure out what's going on, explain how your brain works and why you're making decisions and taking actions that you are, most importantly Jodie has a long track record of helping people like you to make positive changes. There are many coaches who are qualified to coach, (please make sure you ask about qualifications before hiring a coach) Jodie however also has her Positive Psychology Diploma and continualy extends her research and education so you're always getting the best.