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Happy familly  Jodie Cooper positive psychology coach AustraliaLife is getting more challenging. There are more things to do, more stress and we're getting busier and busier..... but not actually happier. I've now been coaching for over 8 years, and in that time I've found consistently that the only common factor in every single client is that they want more happiness in their lives. 

By happy, I don't mean momentarily happy, I mean lastingly happy. The sort of happiness that floods your life with positivity, that spreads throughout your relationships and leaches into your health, career, family and daily routines. A happiness that's securely grounded in reality, that acknowledges challenges yet see's you bounce back time and time again. That's where Positive Psychology comes it, it is essentially the science and study of what is right with human beings. 

I believe in Happiness, I believe it's an innate part of us, something that we can tap into only when were living consciously, and I'm always looking for new ways to both live it and support others to live it too. My belief is that happiness precedes success, and my focus is on how you can become lastingly happier. 

"For the first time in my life I'm happy, and it's not based on something. Not a person or a new job, I'm just happy in me." Erin Weeks

Jodie Cooper is a Positive Psychology and mindset coach and certainly the leading Life Coach in the Illawarra area. Jodie's role is to challenge, provide insight and to guide you in your desired direction using the best information positive psychology has to offer. Jodie has a deep understanding of how the brain works and how to build your mindset up for success, while embracing self compassion and building up your happiness muscle, something that truly sets her apart from other coaches. 

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The initial Coaching Program Jodie offers runs over 6 coaching sessions. The first 4 sessions are weekly hour long appointments to build up your own confidence, motivation and success rate, the last two sessions are taken a few weeks apart as your confidence and challenges increase. Generally this initial program takes 2 - 3 months. The investment is $997 and includes the 6 coaching sessions, 8 audio CDs (that sit together with the program and reinforce learning) and a copy of Bringing Happiness home. Here are the big outcomes from Jodie's coaching program. 

  • Happiness There's a simple science to it and many habits that you'll learn. Think of happiness like tennis, it's just focus and practice! 
  • Confidence - Imagine tapping into the best part of you, easily and all the time. That's how living confidently feels!
  • Motivation - Ever felt motivated but still stuck to the lounge and not done anything? Find out how willpower and grit will get you there faster! 
  • MindsetFiguring out how you think and how to gently shift it. This alone will see you change your world! 
  • Letting go - Noticing negative thoughts and emotions and dealing with them so they no longer determine your actions.
  • Goal settingMany goals end up demotivating and damaging self esteem. Jodie set's you up for sucess with simple intentions and positive habits. 
  • Relationships - Review key relationships build love and acceptance into your everyday life. 
  • Self Compassion - When you start being kind to yourself a whole world of possibilities open up to you. 
  • Values alignment - Figure our what's most important to you and ensure you're really living it! 
"Jodie packed so much information into all the life coaching sessions! Jodie's' coaching isn't an expense- it's an investment into your future. If you ever feel stuck, lost, clueless or wondering what to do next, Jodie Cooper is the person to turn to."  Michael S.

 If you're been thinking 'Life could be better' Jodie makes the process easy by offering a free initial coaching session. You're able to meet Jodie and talk though your challanges, together you'll map out what you'd like to achieve over the next three months and find out if Jodie's the right coach for you. Jodie has an office in Warilla and sees clients from Nowra, Kiama, Shellharbour, Wollongong, Thirroul and both further North and further South. 

 "Not only is my life more positive, my mind feels as though it’s been opened to endless possibilities and my hands have been placed on the steering wheel of my life……… and I have gained an awesome friend too."  Linda Wicks


 Jodie also offers a 100% money back Guarantee on life coaching as she knows you'll receive great value! If you're ready to get started, contact us below!

Here’s a questionnaire to help you think about your challenges and goals and see if coaching really is a good option for you. If you’re keen to book in the complimentary coaching session ‘Download the questionnaire now ’ and get started!

 "The changes I have adopted from my time with Jodie have been fundamental and profound. It was like someone had pulled back the curtain to help me see a bigger picture. A picture with more clarity, a wider angle, resulting in a better way to communicate and enjoy my life."  David Reed 


 "I have found Jodie to be a true professional and a wonderful person, who is both an outstanding coach and a person with great values and integrity- someone who I am really able to relate to and trust." Carolyn Dews