Strengths Assessments

Jodie Cooper superhero kids dayBeing a superhero can be tricky! Every day we need to use our strengths to make our lives, businesses and world a better place. But really, do you even know what your strengths are?

Strengths are things you are great at, and that you enjoy doing. They are a unique set of talents and abilities and when you utilise them you'll feel more engaged, connected and successful at work. Here are a few quick facts on Strengths:

  • People who use their strengths at work are much happier and experience less stress (and cope with it more effectively)
  • People who use their strengths regularly are healthier and are overall more satisfied with their lives
  • A Gallup survey concluded that those who used their strengths at work were 6 times more likely to be engaged at work and 3 times more likely to experience an excellent quality of life. (Engagement being a positive indicator of productivity, customer satisfaction and increased profitability.)
  • People who use their strengths at work are more confident, more creative and learn much faster than others.
  • When managers gave performance reviews based on individuals strengths, performance improved by 36.4%, but when reviews were based on weaknesses, performance decreased by 26.8%.

Realise2 is the best strengths assessment tool I've found as it not only looks at your strengths, but breaks them into four areas of 1. Realised strengths 2. Learned Strengths 3. Unrealised Strengths and yes even 4. Weaknesses. (The majority of strength tools don't validate weaknesses, but this tool emphasises that awareness around weaknesses is positive and works to counter them with strengths.)

The assessment is online, followed by a 90 minute debrief session on what your strengths are, how to use them most effecively and setting goals to bring your strengths into focus both in your professional and personal life. The assessment and debrief is $297. 

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