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After 10 years owning and running a business it was time to freshen things up. My first and best move was to engage Jodie as a business and life coach. Over an initial 8 week period, Jodie provided down-to-earth psychological and emotional education and practical techniques to bring about change. I made a commitment to my myself to try these immediately at work and at home. Our company now has clearer goals, my team and I are achieving better business results, and we are happier doing it.

I also highly recommend Jodie's Public Speaking course. In just one day our team went from zero to each presenting an engaging 5 minute talk. In my case, Jodie's life coaching and public speaking training have given me the time and confidence to start performing stand up comedy, an ambition I had harbored since my teens.
Posted By: Dean Jackson
Owner and General Manager, Planet Footprint (Kiama)
Jodie Cooper was instrumental in assisting us with word-smithing a presentation that Modfab was giving at an international conference. Her expert advice and coaching was invaluable!
Posted By: Heike Roberts
Education Director, Modfab Pty Ltd (Wollongong)
What a fantastic way to open our conference. Jodie delivered a super engaging presentation which our delegates enjoyed immensely. Jodie was a delight to deal with, and showed great initiative in the lead up to ensure that her presentation was tailored to our audience. I highly recommend Jodie, and look forward to having an opportunity to work with her again.
Posted By: Michael Allendorf
Coordinator, Early Years Expo (Rosehill)
We have engaged Jodie on 2 occasions to speak at our events which are attended by Micro and small business owners. Jodie is a delight to work with and delivers engaging, relevant and inspiring content. The feedback from our audiences has always been positive and she certainly draws the numbers for attendance. I would recommend utilizing Jodie’s skills, knowledge and excellent delivery.
Posted By: Kerrie Elliott
Small Biz Connect Consultant (Wollongong)
Jodie Cooper is an absolute breath of fresh air. Jodie facilitated a workshop at the Novotel for two of our key sales teams from Novotel Wollongong and Novotel Brighton to assist in building a positive workplace culture and bring synergies between both teams. She did that and much more! Jodie’s workshop was interactive, fun and engaging whilst also providing a basis for a great sales platform and strong team relationships. Jodie is extremely passionate and has the ability to transform a room from boring into fun.

Our teams were particularly excited that they could not only use Jodie’s strategies to be happy and productive at work, but also at home!

I would highly recommend Jodie to anyone that is interested in growing their business opportunities and bringing positivity and fun into their workplace.
Posted By: Emily Squires
HR Manager, Novotel (Brighton & Wollongong)
Jodie is so inspiring and motivational, and in a super fun way! She gets the message across really clearly, and in an engaging, interactive way. I gained heaps of value out of just a small talk, so I can only imagine how beneficial it would be to do multiple sessions with Jodie!
Posted By: Jon Harris
Jon Harris Photography (Gerringong)
Jodie is a fantastic mentor and executive coach that can assist you in performing to your potential. Jodie's approach is personal, professional and supportive. Working with Jodie has been a great advantage for me in improving my leadership skills and developing a valuable team.
Posted By: Stacey Corbeski
(Brand & Marketing Strategy) Aster Group
I am currently being coached by Jodie Cooper and what can I say… I absolutely LOVE it!! Jodie has helped me in both my personal and business goals. She listens intently to my struggles and needs and offers creative solutions that have improved my business and my life as a happy and positive person. For quite sometime I was just working on my business day by day, project to project and not really growing or going anywhere. But now I have a clear vision as to where I’d like my business to go and how I'm going to get there.

Already in the few months I’ve been seeing her I’ve seen a growth in my business and I feel absolutely ecstatic about it. I highly recommend Jodie to absolutely anyone looking to improve their life and business in a happy and positive way. Thanks again Jodie. Love your work!
Posted By: Deidre Jones
(Dream Designs & Photography) Shellharbour
I have been speaking publically for many years, but I still found Jodie’s course very beneficial. She taught me things I didn’t know that I didn’t know and I feel that my speaking skills and confidence has certainly improved. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in investing in themselves!
Posted By: Siria Thomas
(Northern Stars Swim School & Swim Australia) Russell Vale
I loved the format and contents of this workshop. It’s taught me so much more than just preparing a presentation or speech. Jodie knows a lot and she is an amazing educator and speaker. I’m so glad I attended!
Posted By: Dorina Basurto
(Wellness and healing at home) Wollongong

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