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Reading is a great passion of mine! Early in my coaching journey an associate said to me "Jodie, make sure you record all the key points out of all the books you read. Trust me... You'll thank me later." It's been some of the best advice I've received and now I can offer you reviews of all the best books around!

Keep in mind these are only snap shots of the books and what I've found important may be different to what you'd like so find the key points then go grab the book!

Essentailly if they made the list the're well worth the read!

Enjoy, and I hope you'll start reviewing books as you read too!

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Recommended sites

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In this wonderful age of the internet there are now so many resources available to help you find what you need. Sometimes there are simple answers to problems and other times it may just help you gain a new perspective on a subject.

In any way, shape or form, learning more is a positive thing and I've listed below some websites that I've found helpful and interesting. If you know of other sites, please feel free to email me the details so I can list them as well.  


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Articles & Freebies

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Over the past 8 years I've been writing about all sorts of things to do with personal development, motivation, happiness and other aspects of generally improving your life. I've put all of these on this website as a resource for you to use, refer to and send to friends. My thinking is that the more we are able to help each other grow the better our world will become.

Enjoy the variety of articles and please feel free to email me feedback or Facebook (paste the link to the articles) if you like them.


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I've put together a list of great videos available on line that you can check out on all things to do with positive psychology.  

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