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Articles  freebies with Jodie CooperOver the past 8 years I've been writing about all sorts of things to do with personal development, motivation, happiness and other aspects of generally improving your life. I've put all of these on this website as a resource for you to use, refer to and send to friends. My thinking is that the more we are able to help each other grow the better our world will become.

Enjoy the variety of articles and please feel free to email me feedback or Facebook (paste the link to the articles) if you like them. Or check out the full list of recommended resources. 

Creating Corporate Serenity

4 Essentials to creating the workplace you've always wanted!

A - Z of Improving your life

A simple list of things that you can do to take steps towards creating the life you want!

5 Ways to ensure people like you

Knowing that you're liked, respected and valued is important. Here is a easy guide to achieving that!

7 rules of work life balance

Some easy ways to improve your work life balance!

7 Steps to a Happier life

Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life! Find out what you can do today!

A moment in time

Life Coaching helps to take the best of every moment.

A Quality Camp experience

Camp Quality is an amazing organisation helping children with cancer.

Could change be the key to happiness?

Accepting change could just be the answer you're looking for.

Another perspective: A Buddhist aproach to abuse

Abuse is never easy, i think we can all learn something here.

Having fun in the Illawarra

Being happy locally should be easy! Here are some great tips on the Wollongong area!

Creating healthy habits

Simple tips for wellbeing that everyone should know.  


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