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4 Easy steps to boost your productivity

time-managementI recently created a new workshop around personal efficiency and time management, and I'd like share the best of it with you. The team that went through this workshop a few weeks ago loved it, and really clicked with a new way they can work and get the most out of their day. 

Traditionally we've focused heavily on time management and organisation skills to improve productivity. However it's time we focused on how we think and feel, you know yourself how quickly your productivity decreases when you're feeling down or thinking about the mountain of work you have to churn through this afternoon!

So, here's 4 easy steps to boost your productivity and maximise your efficiency! Let's use the acronym TIME to remember it. 

T - Thoughts. You guessed it. You're thoughts determine how you feel, and how you feel determines what you do. When you're able to think positively you communicate more effectively, are more focused on tasks at hand, you are more creative and much more resilient to stress and the everyday challenges we face at work. To think more positively try start a gratitude list, notice where your thoughts are and if they are helpful or not and be mindful of what's happening in your head, rather than on your desk. Also start acknowledging yourself and others at work. When you think about what you're doing well it's much easier to be think positively. 

I - Intentions. Start your day by setting some very clear intentions of what you'd like to achieve. Setting clear intentions enables you to focus and put energy into what's important and make sure that you're not being hijacked by daily interruptions like phone calls, emails and .... lets face it, Facebook. You also need to be clear about your role in the organisation (the big picture of what you need to achieve in your role) and where the organisation is heading. Because setting misaligned intentions, even if you meet every single one, isn't going to help much at all. 

M - Management skills. Essentially you need to be organised, have strong self discipline and a system for getting through your work. When you're able manage your own workload efficiently you can help empower others to do the same. Positive leadership is a massive field and is having a huge influence on how big organisations are doing business. The more positive you think and feel, the more you'll be able to learn and use essential management skills. 

E - Emotions. We've all been derailed by procrastination, frustration and feelings of complete overwhelm. So it's no surprise that when you learn to deal effectively with these emotions you boost your productivity massively. Emotions have a ripple effect that can either create a flourishing, positive and engaged culture, or the exact opposite. So managing your emotions is a must in any organisational environment, in fact, in any walk of life at all. The simplest step to managing your emotions is learning to acknowledge them, and then choosing a positive way forward for yourself, your colleagues and the organisation. 

Understanding that your efficiency is determined much more by your thoughts and emotions than by your workload is the first step to truly revolutionising the way you work. Good luck and if you're interested in talking about workshops for your team, please contact me below. 





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