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6 Virtues every Family needs!

Family virtuesLast night I started a virtues workshop that is part of an international Virtues Project to develop and nurture virtues in children. The first evening we focused on the language we use internally, in our thoughts and also externally, to our family and particularly our children.

The 300 Virtues have been identified to be positive attributes to foster, these have been reduced to 52 virtues for children, so each week they can focus and learn a new virtue.

Laura is only 3, and Dylan not yet 2, so I thought I’d make it a little easier for them and focus on what’s really important to us as a family.

I created this poster with 6 virtues so when Laura and Dylan demonstrate a virtue, such as kindness or thankfulness I can acknowledge them specifically (rather than simply saying ‘good girl.’)

The idea is that they learn the language of virtues so they can identify not only their strengths, but also what virtues they might need. For instance, if Laura is hitting Dylan, I can say to Laura “I’d like to see you being kind to your brother, what could you do right now to be kind?”

Now, in theory this is great, in practice obviously there’s a lot more to the parenting technique... I’m still figuring out the rest! LOL. But I do like the idea of helping them understand and learn the language of virtues. I’ll keep you up to date with our progress ;-) 



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