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A bit about Beauty

BeautyWhen I saw this picture on Pinterest it really got me thinking about Beauty, Wisdom and Life. I overhead a conversation the other day about how women reach a certain age they become 'invisible'. Not practically invisible, but for all intensive purposes, they begin to feel like their presence has diminished with their beauty. When they walk into a room they aren't noticed anymore and they feel they lack that charm and ability to make an impression, regardless of how hard they try.
After hearing the conversation and seeing this photograph I really wanted to share my thoughts on beauty. I think it's less about fitting a Hollywood magazine stereotype and more about loving the person you are within. When you truely love and respect yourself and the life you live you lead others to have the same impression and opinion of you. When you constantly question how you look and dislike your appearance and features, you give the world the impression that you don't really deserve to be here, hence that feeling of being overlooked and 'invisable'.
I remember as a kid being on a horse riding camp and listening to our trainer complain about her wrinkles. (I seem to recall it was something along the lines of we'd end up wrinkly like her if we didn't wear sunscreen!) I said to her, "WOW, I really hope I look like you when I'm you're age." I'm not sure what she heard, but what I meant was; I want to look happy; I want to look like I love my life and; I want what I do every day to become a part of me, ingrained in my face like a time ring within the trunk of a tree. I still remember her face, happy, content, suntanned and wrinkly as one of the most beautiful I've known.
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