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Getting out of my own head

kids 2For those of you that didn’t know, I actually only work three days a week. I’m lucky that Wednesdays and Thursdays I get to play with the kids, cruise parks, hang out at the beach and generally just have fun. Laura is now 2 and a half and Dylan in almost 16 months. Some days are absolutely wonderful; last Wednesday however wasn’t one of them!

It started around 6am when they both woke and were just grumpy and they seemed to really set each other off. From then it was duelling tantrums. Screaming, crying, whinging and essentially just constant negative noise! Dylan had a mini nap which made everything worse so by about 2pm I was ready to book the next flight to Jamaica.... solo!

I didn’t however. I managed to wrangle them both into the pram, (all be it, kicking and screaming,) and go for a walk along the beach to the lake. The whole way my head was a mess, I sunk quickly into ‘why me’ mode and felt like my entire life was over because they wouldn’t stop screaming. My mind went around and around in circles playing the recording of ‘my kids are horrible’ until I got to a park bench. I sat down and took a breath and noticed how beautiful the water was and calmed down. It was only then that I actually noticed that Dylan was fast asleep and Laura was happily humming a song to herself. Oooops!

I was so wrapped up in my own head, telling myself how terrible my morning had been that I completely missed that they’d stopped crying and were both being little angels. The point is, when I’m stuck in my own head, whether it’s positive or negative, I’m missing on what’s going on around me. It’s only when I let go of whatever thoughts I’m hanging on to so tightly that I can live my life and experience it all fully. I think there's probably something in that for all of us ;-)