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Wake up to kindness!

Family 6I was recently email by a friend a link to 'wake up project' and as I began reading through their site I was astounded at the simplicity of the concept!

The Wake Up Project is a community of people celebrating kindness and wisdom in modern life. They are inspiring random acts of kindness through their kindness cards, which are free when you sign up to their site at The kindness cards are designed to be anonymous acts of kindness.

Some ideas for kindness acts include:

  • Leaving a flower and a thank you note on someones doorstep
  • Paying for the next persons coffee when you grab your own
  • Placing chocolates on a colleagues desk
  • Sending an old friend a photo of happy times
  • Posting a little gift book to someone who's having a tough time
  • Write a kind Thank You note to a chef/ hairdresser/ librarian when you receive great service.

In today's fast paced world we seem to go by the assumption that nothing comes for free. I love that this project really challenges that assumption, firstly by sending out beautiful kindness cards for Nix and secondly by giving you the opportunity to pass on that kindness to someone else.

I received my cards in the post on Thursday and put them on the window sill near my kettle over the weekend to think about the acts of kindness that I could do. What I noticed is that rather than think about the 5 things that I could do (as there are 5 cards to give away) I started to think about acts of kindness, then I thought... No, I don't want to waste card on that, I'll just do it and use the card for something else. So rather than inspire 5 simple acts of kindness it has me thinking in a new way about how I can relate and interact with the community and world around me.

So I implore you to check out the and make the world a kinder place!


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