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I get a lot done. I manage to enjoy large parts of each day. I make time for my kids, husband, family and friends and I exercise religiously and take time to meditate each day. I’m not some sort of super hero or energiser bunny, and I’m certainly not perfect, I simply have really good habits that work.

Habits are essential to success. People with positive habits will consistently move towards their goals, while others with weak and inconsistent habits will progress much more slowly, if at all. Taking time to set up good habits will make life monumentally easier and help you become more resilient when things go pear shaped. Today I want to share with you some of my habits and hopefully inspire you to develop some of your own.

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For those of you that know me well, you'll recall that my kids have always struggled with separation anxiety. I like to tell myself it's because I'm a much better option than going to school, but in reality I suffered exactly the same debilitating level of anxiety as a child, each time I had to leave my Mum. 

Laura at School 2017OK, So you may not have heard about Positive Education YET, but believe me, it's coming to a school near you! Positive Education is an offshoot of Positive Psychology (the study of well-being) and quite simply is the application of Positive Psychology into an educational setting. It's well researched and there's now an amazing amount of information and studies about how it can transform schools. Positively of course!

Yes, most schools do have a well-being program or two, some even have a PBL strategy (Positive Behavior for Learning), but where Positive Education is different is it places the well-being of both students and teachers at the centre of the school system rather than on the periphery. It's a critical shift that makes all the difference. "The fundamental goal of positive education is to promote flourishing or positive mental health within the school community." Norrish, 2013. 

Positive Leadership - A snapshot!

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Sean Cooper Laura CooperMy husband was recently accused of bullying…. By our six-year-old daughter. Laura came home from school telling me how she learned all about bullying at School. Later that evening when my husband, very respectfully I might add, asked her to put her pyjamas on for bed, she turned around, put her hands on her hips (with all the theatrics of an indignant six-year-old) and said “Stop bullying me Dad!” You can see by the picture how strained their relationship is. LOL. 

Generally, in our society, we focus on the problem not the solution. Teaching children about bullying gives them a vocabulary that expands their thoughts in that direction. Every three hours, one person in Australia chooses to end their own life, that’s approximately 8 people a day and is greater than our National road toll, tragically, in 2015 our suicide rate was close to three times that of our road toll.

SkateboardingWell, It’s been over three weeks of Skateboarding every day and I’m happy to report that I’m definitely getting better. I can slow down, (which is pretty important) I can turn in figure 8’s and I’m starting to really enjoy cruising around the streets with the kids. In fact, today I’m grateful for the rain as my left calf is killing and it really needs a few days off!

There are a few things that I think are really cool about skateboarding and I wanted to share them with you because they are pretty applicable to business in general.

20170120 082815I’ve always admired kids that can skate board, particularly the ones that go to the skate park every day and practice. Determination and bravery become paramount to your improvement. Next time you see a skater think of all the time and energy they’ve invested in learning to skate, perhaps even admire their skill.

My daughter Laura (turning 6) and my son Dylan (4) are now both riding their bikes really well and I need to keep up. Dylan loves going to skate parks and I’ve noticed not only are they bigger kids really kind and patient with him, he’s learning some really positive life lessons too like falling over is part of the process and practice is the only thing that will help you improve.

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Over the last 10 years as a coach, I constantly think about how I can make the world at large a more positive place, but it has to be free, easy and accessible to everyone.

So... I've developed the kindness calendar as a simple way to promote kindness in schools, homes and workplaces. Stephanie Meades and myself formed the Kindness Crew and are on a mission to make kindness a priority in the lead up to Christmas.

Starting School... and I'm terrified!

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Benson and Laura sml

On Monday Laura has her first day at big school, and quiet honestly, I'm more nervous than she is! Yes, Yes, I know she's a smart kid, I know she'll make friends and learn lots, and obviously have a wonderful time, I'm just not sure I will!

Despite my somewhat calm and confident persona now, as a child I suffered with separation anxiety and had a pretty tough time fitting in at Primary School. (The fact that I cried every morning for the first 6 months possibly didn't help much! LOL) So now after 5 years of crying and tantrums at preschool drop off 3 days a week, I'm horrified that I'm going to have to put her through exactly the same thing I went through. So here's my plan to survive Monday: 

Jodie Cooper and family 2015Raising children is certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, and I’m only 5 years in! It’s consistently challenging, and every time I feel I’m learning and growing they seem to take another step forward and enter a whole new stage.

Within these notes you’ll find a positive way to parent. What I’ve noticed is that most of the time it will help me move both myself and my family in a positive direction, but trust me, it won’t work all the time. There will still be situations and issues with your kids that leave you walking to the letterbox in frustration, just to have a moment (and that’s possibly all you’ll get) of peace before returning to the demands of parenting.

Meet the real Jodie Cooper

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The real Jodie Cooper positive psychology coachI've been working with a Social Media expert to improve my presence and she gave me a challenge. Get real, tell people who you really are and let them actually see the best and worst bits of your life. So.... Melinda's given me 10 quick questions to answer and challenged me to turn it into a blog. Here goes nothing!

1. In a nutshell my job is: 

Kiki unhingedTamara Campbell is a wonderful local woman who performs internationally as a physical comedian, with her character Kiki Bittovabitsch. Recently, Tamara presented this speach at a local arts festival and when she sent it to me I really wanted to share it with you. .....

I feel that life has a small frivolity window for adults, a time when you can, if you really want to, play again, risk, like a 20 something with the knowledge of an adult, a real adult - and I believe that as an artist this time can be extraordinary.

Jodie Coopers reality boardHere is my reality board. It's a photographic journal of our best memories and fun times and it lives in our bedroom where I'm constantly looking at it. The reason I created a reality board is because I want to focus on what I do have and how wonderful my life is already. No, It's not perfect, but there are certainly perfect moments and when this is in front of me, it acts as a great reminder that it's people that are important, not things or even accomplishments. 

I know lots of people create dream boards, and with my understanding of how the brain works now I get why sometimes a dream board can actually create more angst and frustration than happiness. You see a dream board is a map of where we want to go, what we want to have, things we want achieve and who we want to be. The only problem is by constantly feeding your mind with what you want your sending a subconscious message to yourself that what you have isn't enough, aka it doesn't' add up to happiness. I'll always have goals, dreams and desires, but my happiness has to come first. 

Bringing Happiness Home

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book1In 2009 I decided that I wanted to write a book. Not a complex or intellectual book, just a simple coffee table book that collated the best of what I'd learned about happiness and how to bring it into your life for good. 

I traveled overseas for around 18 months beginning in 2002, and made my way around America, Canada, over to the UK, a little of Europe and home via Thailand. It was a beautiful trip and I feel like it was pivitol in growing into the person I am today. I remember being in Thailand and not wanting it to end, not wanting to come home to reality because I thought reality meant work, responsibility and boring monotous routine! Who'd want to come home to that! 

Where Buddhism meets Positive Psychology

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Jodie Cooper buddhism meets positive psychology

Four years ago when we had our daughter, Little Laura, the world as I knew it came to a screaming halt, and it was loud, constant and at the time seemed relentless. Let me save you the long version and say she was a particularly difficult baby! LOL. It was then that I turned to Buddhism, as nothing I did or tried seemed to fixed it, so I choose to focus on myself instead. 

Connected Parenting with Shelly Birger Phillips

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AwakeParenting-8590Shelly Birger Phillips is a wonderful parenting coach and has a beautiful philiosophy on connected parenting. Here's a snapshot of her top 8 tips, keep in mind these are just my my interpretations. I've added Shelly's website at the end so you can grab her audio program or connect with her for coaching.  

1) Care for yourself first – only with full energy can you be the best person and parent you can be. How can you achieve self care? What can you do to improve your personal quality of life? How can you be more engaged and energetic with your kids?

Are you a Squiggly, Square or Oval parent?

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Parenting styles 2

I've been attending a Virtues Parenting course for the last three months and am really loving the concepts! This week we learned about parenting styles. The Squiggly parent, the Square parent and the Oval parent.

5 ways to look beautiful... without makeup!!!

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aging beautyI guess most women go through it, but I’m certainly noticing my physical appearance is changing, I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in the last 3, but then, I think that’s pretty normal with motherhood isn’t it ;-) LOL. I always laugh when people look at my business card photo, then look at me, then back at the card, then they say "You look different!" 

It got me thinking about what Beauty really is and what’s really important for me, particularly considering my ‘stage’ in life. I’d like to think I can focus on the 5 attributes below rather than try to mask or delay the natural process of aging. So here goes:

6 Virtues every Family needs!

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Family virtuesLast night I started a virtues workshop that is part of an international Virtues Project to develop and nurture virtues in children. The first evening we focused on the language we use internally, in our thoughts and also externally, to our family and particularly our children.

The 300 Virtues have been identified to be positive attributes to foster, these have been reduced to 52 virtues for children, so each week they can focus and learn a new virtue.

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selfcompassionIt's interesting how business works, it seems clients always come in clusters, groups with similar challenges and issues. With each group of clients I find there is a message for me, something pertinent that I need to learn myself. It's a little like the universe holds up a mirror for us, as long as we're prepared to listen.

The last month almost all of my clients have been tremendously hard on themselves and with each client I've had a conversation about self comapssion. The ability to recognise the challenges, pain and chaos in your life, accept it as it is and respect yourself for the way you are dealing with it.... or not dealing with it, and being kind to yourself regardless.

Just three things to focus on!

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Cooper familyDylans crying seemed to peek a few weeks ago and it made things challenging for poor Laura when I need to look after him all the time. She ended up having a really rough week too, which added to my challenge. I try to make things simple, I decided that the three things I need to focus on to get through the rough patch were:

1. Self Compassion - Having two small children is tough. Yes I know people out there have it much tougher than I do, but listening to crying is challenging, and I need to be kind to myself and remind myself that I'm doing a good job.