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I get a lot done. I manage to enjoy large parts of each day. I make time for my kids, husband, family and friends and I exercise religiously and take time to meditate each day. I’m not some sort of super hero or energiser bunny, and I’m certainly not perfect, I simply have really good habits that work.

Habits are essential to success. People with positive habits will consistently move towards their goals, while others with weak and inconsistent habits will progress much more slowly, if at all. Taking time to set up good habits will make life monumentally easier and help you become more resilient when things go pear shaped. Today I want to share with you some of my habits and hopefully inspire you to develop some of your own.

Laura at School 2017OK, So you may not have heard about Positive Education YET, but believe me, it's coming to a school near you! Positive Education is an offshoot of Positive Psychology (the study of well-being) and quite simply is the application of Positive Psychology into an educational setting. It's well researched and there's now an amazing amount of information and studies about how it can transform schools. Positively of course!

Yes, most schools do have a well-being program or two, some even have a PBL strategy (Positive Behavior for Learning), but where Positive Education is different is it places the well-being of both students and teachers at the centre of the school system rather than on the periphery. It's a critical shift that makes all the difference. "The fundamental goal of positive education is to promote flourishing or positive mental health within the school community." Norrish, 2013. 

SkateboardingWell, It’s been over three weeks of Skateboarding every day and I’m happy to report that I’m definitely getting better. I can slow down, (which is pretty important) I can turn in figure 8’s and I’m starting to really enjoy cruising around the streets with the kids. In fact, today I’m grateful for the rain as my left calf is killing and it really needs a few days off!

There are a few things that I think are really cool about skateboarding and I wanted to share them with you because they are pretty applicable to business in general.

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Over the last 10 years as a coach, I constantly think about how I can make the world at large a more positive place, but it has to be free, easy and accessible to everyone.

So... I've developed the kindness calendar as a simple way to promote kindness in schools, homes and workplaces. Stephanie Meades and myself formed the Kindness Crew and are on a mission to make kindness a priority in the lead up to Christmas.

The tripple bottom line

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yvon chouinardMost businesses are primarily driven by their bottom line; That is, how much profit was realised and what return will the shareholders receive. Business is changing, and to create a sustainable business model I believe that the bottom line has changed most of all.

The triple bottom line replaces traditional fiscal profitability and embraces three positive outcomes that all businesses should be aiming for; People, Planet and Profit. When a business shifts focus to embrace the triple bottom line the integrity of the organisation shifts up a gear and it becomes valuable in its own right.

Meet the real Jodie Cooper

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The real Jodie Cooper positive psychology coachI've been working with a Social Media expert to improve my presence and she gave me a challenge. Get real, tell people who you really are and let them actually see the best and worst bits of your life. So.... Melinda's given me 10 quick questions to answer and challenged me to turn it into a blog. Here goes nothing!

1. In a nutshell my job is: 

How life works book review by Jodie Cooper

This is a fantastic book and it touches on many of the concepts and ideas that have been floating around but been intangible to me until now. I love that it’s so easy to read and the concepts are very well researched and set out simply for the ‘average’ Joe.

Tips from women in leadership

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cleopatra elizabeth taylor

There is nothing new about Women in leadership roles, what is new is that we're banding together to support each other like never before! I had the privilege to go to a conference on Women in Leadership recently and I wanted to share a few of the pearls of wisdom I took away from the four exceptional speakers. 

Jodie Coopers reality boardHere is my reality board. It's a photographic journal of our best memories and fun times and it lives in our bedroom where I'm constantly looking at it. The reason I created a reality board is because I want to focus on what I do have and how wonderful my life is already. No, It's not perfect, but there are certainly perfect moments and when this is in front of me, it acts as a great reminder that it's people that are important, not things or even accomplishments. 

I know lots of people create dream boards, and with my understanding of how the brain works now I get why sometimes a dream board can actually create more angst and frustration than happiness. You see a dream board is a map of where we want to go, what we want to have, things we want achieve and who we want to be. The only problem is by constantly feeding your mind with what you want your sending a subconscious message to yourself that what you have isn't enough, aka it doesn't' add up to happiness. I'll always have goals, dreams and desires, but my happiness has to come first. 

Job Description of a Billionaire: Lessons learned from the icon of entrepreneurship 


lazy-workerGiven that the average employee is unproductive for around 25% of their working day, (and often stressed for the other 75%,) Positive Psychology Coaching aims to increase personal productivity and efficiency while building resilience to stress and burnout. The objective of the coaching program is to provide tangible results to the business while supporting executives to build a positive mindset and a sustainable work/ life balance.

Here are some important facts about Positive Psychology Coaching.

Happiness Habit #001

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Wise up to Willpower

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willpower  with Jodie Cooper

Recently I've been reading Roy Baumeister's book 'Will Power' and it's information is critical to anyone that's trying to improve their lives, and I think that's pretty much all of us! I created a workshop around 'wise up to willpower' based on his book and other new info I've come across, here are the key pieces:

Are you contributing to or contaminating our world?

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ripples-in-pondWhether you’re thinking, feeling and doing positive things to improve our world or weather your thinking and feeling negatively and bringing yourself and others down you’re impacting both the people and environment around you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at work, home or simply walking along the street, each moment of your life you have the opportunity to contribute and make the world a better place.

When you think positively and consider others, your emotions and actions shift to a positive place and have a knock on effect to the people around you. Remember, both positive and negative thoughts create ripples, are you contributing to a better world today?  

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Connected Parenting with Shelly Birger Phillips

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AwakeParenting-8590Shelly Birger Phillips is a wonderful parenting coach and has a beautiful philiosophy on connected parenting. Here's a snapshot of her top 8 tips, keep in mind these are just my my interpretations. I've added Shelly's website at the end so you can grab her audio program or connect with her for coaching.  

1) Care for yourself first – only with full energy can you be the best person and parent you can be. How can you achieve self care? What can you do to improve your personal quality of life? How can you be more engaged and energetic with your kids?

5 ways to look beautiful... without makeup!!!

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aging beautyI guess most women go through it, but I’m certainly noticing my physical appearance is changing, I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in the last 3, but then, I think that’s pretty normal with motherhood isn’t it ;-) LOL. I always laugh when people look at my business card photo, then look at me, then back at the card, then they say "You look different!" 

It got me thinking about what Beauty really is and what’s really important for me, particularly considering my ‘stage’ in life. I’d like to think I can focus on the 5 attributes below rather than try to mask or delay the natural process of aging. So here goes:

Public Speaking Courses Wollongong

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public speaking 4

Public speaking is one of the most terrifying experiences in life for most people. Jodie has been speaking publicly for 8 years and has done extensive training in the field. Jodie offers three exceptional Public Speaking Courses in Wollongong, all designed to help you step up and be heard, to speak with confidence and charisma and essentially connect with any audience.

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What I've learnt in 2013

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Jodie Cooper Good friends"Having good friends is much more important than having good things!"

Here's what ive learnt in 2013.pdf. (Click to check it out!)

It's been a pretty amazing year! Laura is almost 3 and Dylan is almost 18 months. Life seems to be getting easier and we've found a lovely rhythm as a little family. This year I've learnt so much about what's important and hopefully, I'm a much better person for the challenges my two little munchkins have thrown at me.

Ethical shopping, are you thinking about what you buy?

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ethical shoppingI was completly floored recently when I looked at a website and found how few people consider the ethical consequences of their purchases. The site is The question was: When you are buying a product, do you stop and think whether it's ethical or not?

Here were the responses.

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Success or Significance; You decide!

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SuccessSignificance1I was at an event a few weeks ago and heard a speaker talk on the difference between success and significance. It made such sense that I'd like to share it with you.

He described success as being a personal achievement. You have reached your goals, achieved a certain level of wealth, status, lifestyle, material possessions or whatever you were pursuing. However, that success is all about you.

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