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Nothing would give me more pleasure than telling you that after 11 years as a coach, and studying the ins and outs of happiness, that there’s a golden light at the end of the tunnel where you live happily ever after and life is a long string of joy, love bubbles and blissful moments. However, I don’t deal in bull... dust, I deal in positivity, and quite frankly, there is no pot of gold to find. (Sorry.)

What I have discovered, is that regardless of how positive you are, life still throws you challenges. No matter how mindful, engaged or compassionate you are, bad stuff still happens and weather you’re generally more optimistic or more pessimistic, when disaster strikes, it still sucks! The pain feels the same regardless of your disposition, it’s what comes next that separates us. I think most people believe that the optimist is like an endangered species on a protected list that is simply immune to disaster or negativity, not so my friends. The optimist is the guy working overtime to make sure that when disaster strikes it doesn’t’ take him (or those around him,) down with it.

Laura at School 2017OK, So you may not have heard about Positive Education YET, but believe me, it's coming to a school near you! Positive Education is an offshoot of Positive Psychology (the study of well-being) and quite simply is the application of Positive Psychology into an educational setting. It's well researched and there's now an amazing amount of information and studies about how it can transform schools. Positively of course!

Yes, most schools do have a well-being program or two, some even have a PBL strategy (Positive Behavior for Learning), but where Positive Education is different is it places the well-being of both students and teachers at the centre of the school system rather than on the periphery. It's a critical shift that makes all the difference. "The fundamental goal of positive education is to promote flourishing or positive mental health within the school community." Norrish, 2013. 

20170120 082815I’ve always admired kids that can skate board, particularly the ones that go to the skate park every day and practice. Determination and bravery become paramount to your improvement. Next time you see a skater think of all the time and energy they’ve invested in learning to skate, perhaps even admire their skill.

My daughter Laura (turning 6) and my son Dylan (4) are now both riding their bikes really well and I need to keep up. Dylan loves going to skate parks and I’ve noticed not only are they bigger kids really kind and patient with him, he’s learning some really positive life lessons too like falling over is part of the process and practice is the only thing that will help you improve.

The Business of Happiness

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happy at workIn today’s fast paced society it’s hard enough to be happy when we’re on holidays, let along being happy at work! There are so many demands on our time and more often than not we feel overwhelmed and stressed just thinking about trying to reach that elusive goal of happiness.

The good news is that happiness is no longer a pipe dream, it’s no longer a self help fad and with the field of positive psychology exploring new ways to help individuals and organisations to flourish every day, happiness is now more available than ever... and has the science to back it up.

South West CultureWhat lies at the root of Southwest Airlines Culture is the strong focus on relationships. The Southwest framework of positive relationships is; Shared goals, Shared knowledge and Mutual respect. This is named ‘relational coordination’ and is found to enhance both quality and efficiency in equal measures. In a hospital studied, relational coordination created: 31% reduction hospital stays, 22% higher patient quality of care, improved clinical outcomes.

Southwest has 10 practices for building high performance relationships:

Jodie Cooper and family 2015Raising children is certainly the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, and I’m only 5 years in! It’s consistently challenging, and every time I feel I’m learning and growing they seem to take another step forward and enter a whole new stage.

Within these notes you’ll find a positive way to parent. What I’ve noticed is that most of the time it will help me move both myself and my family in a positive direction, but trust me, it won’t work all the time. There will still be situations and issues with your kids that leave you walking to the letterbox in frustration, just to have a moment (and that’s possibly all you’ll get) of peace before returning to the demands of parenting.

Meet the real Jodie Cooper

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The real Jodie Cooper positive psychology coachI've been working with a Social Media expert to improve my presence and she gave me a challenge. Get real, tell people who you really are and let them actually see the best and worst bits of your life. So.... Melinda's given me 10 quick questions to answer and challenged me to turn it into a blog. Here goes nothing!

1. In a nutshell my job is: 

Date: Thursday, 16 July – Shellharbour
Topic: Increase Profits through a Positive Culture
Presenter: Jodie Cooper

Jodie Cooper specialises in developing positive mindsets and in this workshop will focus on how positivity contributes to building happier and more productive workplaces.
Jodie will demonstrate why positivity is essential to both creating a successful and productive team and to assist people to reach their full potential. When people are fully engaged and using their strengths at work, motivation and consistency become part of the team dynamic!
By drawing on research from the field of positive psychology, Jodie will also identify the key elements of a positive work culture and show you how to bring these elements together within your team.
By implementing some simple changes, you’ll foster a more positive attitude among those you work with and also see a positive impact on the bottom line.
At the end of the workshop you'll have the tools to:

  • Regain personal positivity, productivity and focus
  • Recognise and tap into your strengths
  • Develop a plan to help yourself and your team thrive at work
  • Get clarity on what’s really important in your business and take action on it 


Where Buddhism meets Positive Psychology

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Jodie Cooper buddhism meets positive psychology

Four years ago when we had our daughter, Little Laura, the world as I knew it came to a screaming halt, and it was loud, constant and at the time seemed relentless. Let me save you the long version and say she was a particularly difficult baby! LOL. It was then that I turned to Buddhism, as nothing I did or tried seemed to fixed it, so I choose to focus on myself instead. 

Positive Mindsets for Positive Business

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Be-Happy-at-Work Jodie Cooper Corporate workshopsGiven that the average employee is unproductive for around 25% of their working day (and often stressed for the other 75%) there’s a lot of room for improvement in the average business and much of it is to do with their mindset!

Positive Psychology is a science! It’s not a management fad, or part of the self help movement, it’s the study of what’s right with human beings and applies that knowledge to our lives, communities and organisations. In business we aim to increase personal productivity and efficiency while building resilience to stress and burnout, oh.... and we have a whole lot of fun doing it!

lazy-workerGiven that the average employee is unproductive for around 25% of their working day, (and often stressed for the other 75%,) Positive Psychology Coaching aims to increase personal productivity and efficiency while building resilience to stress and burnout. The objective of the coaching program is to provide tangible results to the business while supporting executives to build a positive mindset and a sustainable work/ life balance.

Here are some important facts about Positive Psychology Coaching.

The best bits of Positive Psychology

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Martin-Seligman  Jodie Cooper Positive Psychology coach

There are many life changing theories in Positive Psychology! The research and concepts that stand out for me include the following:

What is Positive Psychology?

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positive psychology  Jodie Cooper mindset coachIf we exist on a mental wellbeing scale of -8 to +8, psychology traditionally has worked to assist people to move from the negative up to neutral. The role of positive psychology is to study how to and then assist people to move from neutral to a high positive.

Positive Psychology is the science and research into positive subjective experience, positive individual traits and positive institutions. The aim of which is to improve the quality of life, fulfilment and experience for individuals, communities, organisations and intuitions.