Change your life in 7 days by Paul McKenna

Change your life in 7 days by Paul McKennaWhen I first picked up this book, it really didn’t appeal to me at all, I listened to the CD too, which didn’t interest me. For some reason a month later I came back to it, and loved it all. Each chapter has a fundamental message and exercises to work through. It is written with a nice array of stories and fact to keep the reader interested and is scientific enough to avoid the ‘wisy washy’ feeling that so many of these books fall into.

The 7 days include:

  1. Who are you, really? – the concept of self image and it’s importance, how it’s formed, getting to know the 3 selves; The pretend self, the negative self and the authentic self.
  2. A users manual for your brain – Mastering your emotions and learning to realise your full potential. What is an emotional state and how do they come about, internal representations are how we appreciate and interpret our world. Physiology is how we show what we have interpreted externally. Using visualisation techniques to change and recode memories & utilise resources such as confidence.  Charisma is about being totally confident in the real you. The importance of Emotional intelligence and how to create or take control of your emotions using your mind and taking time to learn from the emotions that arise.
  3. The power of a positive perspective – Reframing the meaning your have given something into a positive. Having flexibility is having power to control the situation. There is no such thing as failure, you simply eliminated one option that wont work in getting your goal.  Ask positive questions like what can I learn from this, how will this situation turn out for the best, what different ways are there to approaching this challenge. Rather than negative questions like, why me, what did I do to deserve this, can’t things ever just go my way? Some empowering questions from Byron Katie: 1. Is it true? 2. Can you really know it’s true? 3. How do you react when you think that thought emotionally and physically? 4. Who would you be without that thought or story? You are creating your future right now. What are you going to choose?
  4. Dream setting – Three steps to a wonderful life: 1. A clear direction, your dream. 2. A well aligned compass, your values and 3. Milestones you can visit along the way to your ultimate destination, your goals.
    1. Story of the sad man walking along the beach looking at the millions of tiny starfish that had washed on to the shore, he came across a woman throwing them back into the ocean and asked her what she was doing. She said this was a good day to start making a difference. He’ said, but for every 1 you throw back 3 more wash up on shore, how can you possibly make a difference…. She pondered it and threw back another and said, it did to that one with a big beautiful smile.

Setting your dreams up:

  • What are the most important things in the world to you?
  • Brainstorm all those things you would love to achieve or have.
  • What are you really passionate about?
  • What is success in that area and how would you measure it?
  • Anticipate and overcome obstacles
  • Setting realistic goals on a timeline
  • Activate your resources & take action.
  1. Healthy foundations – Creating and maintaining a healthly body, mind and spirit. Don’t wish it was easier wish you were tougher! A combination of exercise, healthy eating and the ability to cope with stress and have sufficient recovery time. Learning to listen to your body about what is healthy and what is toxic. Laughter is medicinal. Believe yourself well, imagine your immune system an the white cells multiplying to heal any particular area of your body. Focus all your attention to the healing of your body and strengthening of your immune system.
  2. Creating money – The secrets of a millionaires mind. To make money you must provide more value to others than you are asking for your services in return. What we believe to be true in our minds will become reality. Hence 80% of people that come into large sums of money without working for it loose it. It’s called the ‘pygmalion effect’, they have the psychology of being poor, hence go back to their natural state. Utilise the law of attraction, not the law of reversed effort.

The 10 secrets of abundance:

-          Decide right now that your are responsible for your financial abundance

-          Save first, then spend only what you can truly afford

-          Study wealthy people

-          Build your financial reservoir

-          The 80/20 rule

-          Get in touch with your passion every day

-          Charge what you are truly worth

-          Regularly read and re-educate yourself

-          Celebrate your life

-          Persist until you succeed

  1. Live the secrets of life long happiness now- The happy ever after. Story of the businessman trying to teach the young fisherman taking him our on his boat to fish about business so he can expand and be rich and spend his days basking in the sun and fishing.  Learning to choose happiness all the time and being able to create it when necessary with visualisation techniques. Every day, the happy person does at least one difficult thing. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.


This is honestly one of the best self help books I have read. There is enough information to learn heaps, enough exercises to give you a feeling of change and enough great stories to keep you interested. Wonderful.