Attitudes of Amazing Achievers by Phillip Baker

Attitudes of Amazing Achievers by Phillip BakerThe books title really is fitting, what it doesn’t say is how the information is portrayed in a light, easy and fun read.

The book is broken up into 2 parts. The first part is about the anatomy of attitude, it’s importance, what it does, and how it spreads and grows.

The second part of the book is about seven desirable attitudes: Excellence, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Vision, Humility, Gratitude, & Generosity.

Our attitude affects every aspect of our lives: it creates our beliefs, it dictates how we react or respond emotionally to events, and determines our behaviours.

Baker writes a lot of the book with heavy use of metaphors and stories. He has learnt a lot and has provided both a wealth of experience and of knowledge in the field of Attitude. I certainly shifted my perspectives from reading this book!

Some of the Insights and great chunks of info I got from the book were:

  1. ‘all of us are laying in the gutter, but only some of us are looking at the stars’ – Oscar Wild
  2. Attitude determines perspective – Our eyes don’t see, our brain does.
  3. Attitude is greatly influenced by our parents, peers, colleagues, family & friends – So surround yourself with positive people.
  4. Attitude reveals inner beliefs – Our body language, demeanour, and presence reveal as much of our attitude as our comments, actions and words.
  5. Our attitude attracts people with a similar attitude.
  6. Our attitude affects our view of reality and every event we experience.

A light and most enjoyable read, on a subject that has not been given enough attention in the past.