How Would Love Respond? By Kurek Ashley

How Would Love RespondKurek starts the book by telling the story of his friends dying in a helicopter crash and his gradual demise after it. The book is written in a really easy way to read and enjoy, and also grab the lessons he’s explaining.

The key concepts that I got out of the book were:

      Science had proven that when you’re depressed, stressed, angry negative or thinking in any other disempowering way, it weakens your immune system. Destructive thoughts literally cause sickness.

      Thoughts – Actions – Results it’s that simple. If you want different results, change your thoughts!

      The average person has 25, 000 thoughts each day

      You’re constantly and always either evolving and growing, or you’re dissolving and decaying. You can’t simply stand still.

      Uni means one and verse means song. So universe means one song, and at a physical level we are all made up of atoms, and every atom is 99.99999% empty space. The other part is called a quark, and this quark vibrates back and forth inside the atom. So everything is constantly in motion. Effectively we are all constantly vibrating and moving in different energy forms. So whatever we do, will effect everything else. Or, whatever we don’t do, will effect everything else.

      60% of marriages end in divorce

      65% of the population of developed counties is out of shape and overweight.

      97% of people that work for the best 45 years of their life end up broke at retirement age

      Empowering people take responsibility for their thoughts, actions and results and help other people do the same. They give energy and uplife others.

      Disempowering people blame others for their results and steal energy from others.

      The more positive and empowering you are, the more people are attracted to you and the more your success will breed.

      The people who get the best rewards in life and the ones who are will to do what other people aren’t willing to do!

      The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt.

      In 1950 a study was done at Yale University on students that wrote down their goals. After 40 years researchers found that the 3% that had written down their goals were worth more financially than the other 97% combined.

      Our society get’s stuck in ‘drama glue’. We are attracted to all things horrific, tragic and undesirable. Any time you turn on the TV it’s drama glue that stops you getting up and going for a walk. While were stuck in drama glue, we can’t be truly living!

      On May 6, 1954, Roger Bannister became the first man in history to break the 4 minute mile. Up to that point doctors and scientists said is was physically impossible. In the following year another 35 people also broke the record. Once they saw it was possible, and believed it possible, it became a reality.

      Being proactive is empowering, being reactive is disempowering.

      Ask and you will receive!

      The seven essential ingredients for creating holistic life success:

  1. Desire – Know what you want
  2. Passion & Enthusiasm
  3. Belief
  4. Courage
  5. Faith
  6. Action & Follow through
  7. Self Acceptance

A real great opening, and a very clear message throughout his book. A beautiful book for anyone wanting more in their life!