Executive Coaching


Andrew Severn, Projects Manager. Peoplecare

"I met Jodie at the suggestion of my employer, I'd lost motivation, was miserable to be around both at work and at home, and deep down I knew I wasn't being the best "me" I could be.

The first session I had with Jodie was primarily me just sitting back and listening. There were lots of questions, time for reflection, and uncomfortable silence on occasion, but I was cautious and in hindsight I didn't make it easy for Jodie. That evening I had time to think about what we talked about and it dawned on me that only I could make the changes I needed to make, and only if I wanted to change.

After that first session I did the homework, listened more intently, researched a little, and participated as best I could. Jodie was very insightful, and I learned a lot, mostly about myself. I learned to be in the moment, to value what's important to me and use that as motivation to turn things around.

6 months later and I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I'm very close to being "me" again, even the family has noticed a big difference. I'm looking forward to the future and I'm indebted to Jodie for helping (challenging) me to find this path forward."

Susan Rogers, Hospital Services Manager. Peoplecare

"I've been so lucky to work with Jodie, such an authentically positive & beautiful person. Jodie's executive coaching has helped me set new goals in both my career & personal life. Jodie's taught me how consciously creating positive thoughts can open up your world to new possibilities & how creating a positive team environment will bring the best out in the people around you. It's early days & I will need to keep practicing, but the future is looking brighter! I can't thank Jodie enough."

David Reed, Entrepreneur and Investor

"In hindsight, I wish we had met years earlier. The changes I have adopted from my time with Jodie have been fundamental and profound. It was like someone had pulled back the curtain to help me see a bigger picture, a picture with more clarity, a wider angle, resulting in a better way to communicate and enjoy my life. I am very appreciative for the experience I have gained. Through the various methods and tools Jodie employs, we tackled some often complex and difficult issues both close at heart and those purely business in nature.

I would describe Jodie's service delivery as professional, courteous, well structured and highly defined. Jodie has the ability to qualify and define causation of issues; no matter how complicated they seemed to me. Once defined, resolution was arbitrary. If you believe there is room for improvement in any area of your life, make a start, make the change in direction and let yourself, your family and your business benefit from the overwhelming improvement. The only ingredient we must bring to the table is commitment to change. “If you continue to do what you've always done, you will continue to get what you've always got.” Christopher Howard. Don't wait another week to make the changes necessary for a better quality of life. Life is short; make it the best it can be."

Maria Mitzikis, The Food Muse

"Jodie immediately made a friendly and very professional impression on me. When I met Jodie life was starting afresh for me, I had no contacts for my business and no direction as to how to grow my client base and business contacts. At her invitation I embarked on a 6 week program with her and at the end of these sessions I had realised all of my personal and professional goals and am now running a successful bustling Cooking School in our local area.

Jodie stood by me every step of the way, guided me and encouraged me to do the things I would not have had the confidence to do on my own. She kept reinforcing with me my natural abilities and even though I know I would have eventually achieved these successes, I also know I would never have done it in the short space of time without her support. I would recommend Jodie’s’ life coaching program to anyone wishing to expand their possibilities in any area of their lives. Jodie is establishing herself as Illawarra’s leading Life Coach with her simple yet determined guidance, which she hands over with intimate care, precision and clarity."

Greg Pollock, Partner. Butler & Pollock

"I believe the essential criteria of Life Coaching are listening, challenging and facilitation. Jodie strikes a great balance between all three, drawing out the answers from within. When taking on a coach, my goal was to attain an understanding of the process with an aim to use this knowledge to improve my interactions with people. I have been able to achieve this goal and more. At the same time learning more about myself and the importance of setting goals. Coaching has enhanced my ability to understand “just what is important”. With focus and belief anything is possible.

Coaching provides the opportunity to critically evaluate yourself. There is nothing so challenging than to question your long held beliefs. The best outcome of coaching was to extend your reasoning power by having someone that will listen, question and facilitate but not judge. The benefit of hearing yourself explain yours goals and thoughts cannot be underestimated.

If you are seeking to challenge yourself, maximise your output or simply to learn more about yourself then coaching could be for you. Coaching provides the vehicle for you to focus on whatever it is that is important to you (it is different for everyone; it is definitely not one size fits all.)"

Bruce, Professional Trader

For the last twenty nine years, I am now aware that I have been psychologically 'beating my self up' due to many awful decisions I had made in my personal and business life. This was the worst possible impediment one needs when wanting to support a family, look after employees and the interests of shareholders. On one hand my self-belief, intuition, training and skills would propel me into endeavours that were impossible at worst or extremely difficult at best. I came to believe that only I could find the worst possible way to attempt a project or undertake a new venture.

I realised very recently that I needed some help to overcome some problems about the way I approached things that I could not define let alone understand, and that I needed help. Those readers of this testimonial who know me would certainly say, "Yes, you needed help!" I contacted Jodie Cooper and she was gracious enough, after I had completed her Introductory Questionnaire, to spend an hour with me in a FREE interview. Jodie was sufficiently astute to quickly recognise my problem - she provided me with the key to unlock the shackles that I alone had placed around my entire approach to life. In days my personal and business life has turned around with tangible results to demonstrate that change. I am now able to say I made one smart decision in my life. Dear readers, the only way you will learn Jodie's secret solution to problems that I admit I had, and that you might have, is to contact Jodie and invest in one of her coaching programs.

Paul Munro, Director. Vision Studio

"Meeting with Jodie came with perfect timing! I was at the start of a week full of important meetings and dead lines, and feeling the pressure! I was also at a point in both my personal and business life that required some clarity and direction.

Jodie worked with me to remove the stress I was feeling and the pressure I was placing on myself, and see the future clearer through goal setting and realistic planning. I will be referring my friends to Jodie and look forward to implementing the systems she has given me."

Adam Martin, Manager & Owner. MMJ South

"From a business perspective, I believe that if you’re not seeing a professional like Jodie, it’s not possible for you to be firing on all cylinders. After 10 years in the industry and 5 years in charge I was overwhelmed with the ongoing responsibilities that needed to be met on a daily basis. Having 16 staff members, controlling three different divisions was a consistent challenge of which my life was in total disarray. I had no balance in my life and it felt as though I was constantly chasing my tail.

Within two sessions, Jodie had me worked out. It was such a relief. I was delegating left, right and center and was able to focus predominantly on the areas of my business that needed me most. I have a 5 year plan and the company has grown by 20%. The ability to see the goals we put in place being met is incredible. Business is exciting as is the wonderful environment I have been able to create at work. More importantly, I am very happy from every perspective and this I give thanks to Jodie for 'sorting me out'."

Maralyn Young, Managing Director. Casa Mia

"I have been in business for 39 years and had this thought in my head “What could Jodie possibly teach me? She is so young.” Well I was pleasantly surprised. Jodie not only helped me with my business but also in my personal life. Jodie helped me to understand and handle myself and my relationships better.

I achieve so much more in a day with the simple but effective tools that Jodie has given me. I can now face my fears and just do it. I am so much more organised I have more time and my life is more balanced.

The sessions with Jodie more than met with my expectations and I now have a completely different opinion on Business and Life coaching than I did before. Thank you Jodie Cooper!"

Carolyn Dews. Community Relations Manager. Warrigal Care

"I have worked with Jodie for a number for years now. She is a true professional and an outstanding Coach.

Jodie is always able to assist in coming up with simple solutions to what often seem complex issues. Jodie's positive and happy outlook is infectious and I would highly recommend Jodie to others who may want assistance in improving the quality of their life."

Maiya Kenny, Healing Steps Wellness Centre

"The Executive Coaching sessions I had with Jodie was money and time well spent. Her expertise & perspective on my business meant we were able to nut out a list of manageable tasks that would increase my business, my data base and my productivity. She gave me the confidence and the motivation to achieve tasks that I previously baulked at. Thank you Jodie for your understanding and insight."

Karen Gardner. TAFE NSW

"I have had the pleasure of attending several executive coaching sessions and public speaking workshops with Jodie.

I am in awe of Jodie's energy, positiveness, genuine and sincere support and understanding of the key issues that relate to the individual.

I strongly recommend Jodie's executive coaching skills, advice, skills and current knowledge to those who want a competitive edge."

Matthew Becker, National Business Manager. Coca-Cola Amatil

"I had the opportunity to engage Jodie Cooper to fundamentally improve my approach to business success through executive coaching. Jodie's clear, honest and tailored executive program has seen a shift in my ability to be a sales leader, develop more meaningful stakeholder relationships - and ultimately focus on growth drivers for business and personal success."

Deidre Jones, Owner & Photographer. Dream Designs & Photography

"I am currently being coached by Jodie Cooper and what can I say… I absolutely LOVE it!! Jodie has helped me in both my personal and business goals. She listens intently to my struggles and needs and offers creative solutions that have improved my business and my life as a happy and positive person. For quite sometime I was just working on my business day by day, project to project and not really growing or going anywhere. But now I have a clear vision as to where I’d like my business to go and how I'm going to get there.

Already in the few months I’ve been seeing her I’ve seen a growth in my business and I feel absolutely ecstatic about it. I highly recommend Jodie to absolutely anyone looking to improve their life and business in a happy and positive way. Thanks again Jodie. Love your work!"

Stacey Corbeski, Brand & Marketing Strategy. Aster Group

"Jodie is a fantastic mentor and executive coach that can assist you in performing to your potential. Jodie's approach is personal, professional and supportive. Working with Jodie has been a great advantage for me in improving my leadership skills and developing a valuable team."

Dean Jackson, Owner and General Manager. Planet Footprint

"After 10 years owning and running a business it was time to freshen things up. My first and best move was to engage Jodie as a business and life coach. Over an initial 8 week period, Jodie provided down-to-earth psychological and emotional education and practical techniques to bring about change. I made a commitment to my myself to try these immediately at work and at home. Our company now has clearer goals, my team and I are achieving better business results, and we are happier doing it.

I also highly recommend Jodie's Public Speaking course. In just one day our team went from zero to each presenting an engaging 5 minute talk. In my case, Jodie's life coaching and public speaking training have given me the time and confidence to start performing stand up comedy, an ambition I had harbored since my teens."