Public Speaking Course


Peter Buckley, Head of Strategy & Innovation. Peoplecare

"Our team at Peoplecare engaged Jodie for an interactive session on public speaking and presenting skills. Jodie is an exceptional communicator and gave insight into what makes a successful presentation and how to prepare for an exceptional delivery. I would highly recommend a conversation with Jodie to see how she can assist your personal or business needs."

Phil Wilson, Director. Bang On Wines

"Jodie’s public speaking course was truly thought-out, structured and engaging; pushing everyone to step out their comfort zone. Not only is Jodie very energetic and friendly, she’s also a consummate professional that has positivity oozing from her veins and leaves a positive impression straight away on all of those participating. I would recommend Jodie to anyone wanting to get more out of their public speaking and life in general."

Shaz Harrison-Shaw, CEO. Need-a-feed

"Your Public Speaking course helped me to structure my speech really well. Everyone was laughing at the first line, which was my intention and made me feel at ease. I got them hook line and sinker! NO NOTES OR ANYTHING!! WOW! I felt so good!!"

David Jennings, Owner. David Jennings Building

"I was recently offered the opportunity to do a 20 minute business presentation at a major event, run by Pat Mesiti, on the Gold Coast. I contacted Jodie Copper, and booked a 1 hour public speaking coaching session. In that hour Jodie quickly sifted my ideas and enabled me to hone in on my message. Jodie has an ability to ask the right questions that weeded out the unnecessary content and enabled me to choose the right direction for my presentation. Timing is one of the most important aspects of presenting, and Jodie helped me get my main points across with this in mind.

Jodie, many thanks for your input it was a huge help! I can report that my presentation went really well, I was able to deliver great content on time and with confidence, with many people giving positive feedback. THANKS JODIE, YOU ROCK!"

Tina Hunt. Wollongong Cancer Council

"The Public Speaking course was not just an exceptional course, it was an exceptional experience. I enjoyed every minute of it! I gained a multitude of new skills and my confidence levels increased ten fold. I went away feeling like I could really capture and engage my audience in a way that I have not done before. Thank you Jodie, I can honestly say that this course was life changing!!"

Jo Singletary, University of Wollongong

"I wanted to send you a big thank you for your fantastic workshop on a subject a lot of people dread … Public Speaking! You took the fear out of this process for me and I’ve already taken on board the various tips and tricks for successful speaking in the future.

Thank you for an engaging, fun, encouraging and helpful workshop – I totally recommend attending Jodie’s workshop if you want to conquer the fear … and turn it instead into a very positive experience!"

Nicola. CanTeen Australia

"It was a really good session! I loved the balloons exercise for obvious reasons - it was hilarious. The way she explained positive psychology made a lot of sense to me and the way she connected the dots between positive psychology and public speaking was particularly helpful."

Dorina Basurto, Wellness and Healing at Home

"I loved the format and contents of this workshop. It’s taught me so much more than just preparing a presentation or speech. Jodie knows a lot and she is an amazing educator and speaker. I’m so glad I attended!"

Siria Thomas, Director. Northern Stars Swim School

"I have been speaking publically for many years, but I still found Jodie’s course very beneficial. She taught me things I didn’t know that I didn’t know and I feel that my speaking skills and confidence has certainly improved. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in investing in themselves!"