Happiness Habit #002 Gratitude


When I think back over the 8 years of my coaching journey and reflect on what’s had the most profound impact on my life and my happiness, gratitude is the hands down winner!

It truly is an attitude of thankfulness that creeps into your life and affects your mindset in every way possible. In the darkest hour of your life, there is still something to be grateful for, and asking yourself to notice it means a massive shift in your attention.

To me gratitude goes hand in hand with mindfulness. When you are living mindfully you’re conscious of the blessings in your life, and when you notice the positives your outlook gradually shifts in that direction.

There are a few ways to weave gratitude into your life. You could make up a sticker for over your kitchen sink to ask yourself ‘what are you grateful for today? You could start a gratitude journal, in which you write down 5 – 20 things you’re grateful for each day. You could meditate on what you’re grateful for, or you could simply start a conversation over diner each evening with the family taking turns to share what it is you’re grateful for.

Our lives really are a continuum of moments, when we are grateful for the pieces that make up these moments, we enjoy them all the more!

So, what are you grateful for today?


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