Wellbeing Workshops

Are your staff overwhelmed, disconnected or unproductive? You need a wellbeing workshop with Jodie Cooper.  

A two hour session will give your team more confidence, motivation and resilience and deliver strategies to improve relationships and wellbeing.  

While delivering cutting edge science, Jodie weaves in tales of endless red dirt, epic adventures and the laughable setbacks they encountered along the way.

She’ll have your team laughing, playing and walking away with new ideas, practical tools and feeling inspired to improve their workplace…. together. 


If you’re looking for a wellbeing keynote speaker and a positive psychology expert, Jodie Cooper (MAPP) will tailor a presentation to your organisation. 

Looking to re-engage your team and get them feeling more connected, motivated and resilient? 

Download Jodie’s workshop brochure now. 

Working with Wellbeing

Performance improves with a positive workplace culture.

Positive Leadership for everyone

Strong leaders are imperative to high performing teams.

Building Resilience in changing times

Teams that learn to embrace change together, will thrive together.

Communicating with Confidence

Workplace communication is critical to your business’s success.