Scary Smart Book Review
Scary Smart Book Review – Exploring Our Future with AI

This “Scary Smart” book review will give you a snap shot of the ideas that really resonated with me from Mo Gawdat. In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), Mo Gawdat, an author with a deep understanding of both AI and human emotions, brings us a thought-provoking journey through…

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Book review of Essentialism by Greg McKeown blog banner_Jodie Cooper _ positive psychology coaching online wollongong
Book Review of Essentialism: Embracing the Power of Less

At the core of essentialism is doing less but achieving more. I think we could all agree, that’s a pretty cool idea! In the chaos of modern life, where busyness often overshadows productivity, the concept of essentialism gives us hope to regain our clarity and focus. Greg McKeown’s book, “Essentialism:…

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Prioritising health_Jodie Cooper_Positive psychology coach_working with wellbeing_2023
Prioritising Health: Wellbeing Habits for a Busy Wonder Woman

In a world that often feels like a sh!tstorm of responsibilities, it’s easy for the modern professional woman (that’s you and me) to not be prioritising health. Unfortunately, this week I’ve fallen into this trap. (Yes, seriously, after 18 years, you’d think I’d know better.) But we’re all learning together…

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Managing stress with a short walk outside
Managing Stress with Micro Recovery Periods

Managing stress is our generations universal challenge. Stress is such a big factor in most people’s lives these days we need to find a different approach to managing it. Traditionally we work forty-eight weeks of the year, and holiday for four. We expect this to revive and recuperate our minds…

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Self Compassion_Jodie Cooper positive psychology coach and speaker. What is Self Compassion?
What is Self Compassion

I’m often asked “What is Self Compassion?” Well, to make it really simple, it’s being kind to yourself. It’s interesting how business works, it seems clients’ always come in clusters with similar challenges. With each group of clients I find there is a message for me, something pertinent that I…

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To Do list essentials for busy professionals

The most common issue I come across with busy professionals is too much to do and too little time. What I find intriguing though, is that when I ask about their personal productivity, most professionals rate themselves around 70%, perhaps 80% on a good day. So, what’s going on? The…

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