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Set your team up to be more ENGAGED & PRODUCTIVE.

Positive psychology coaching helps you raise wellbeing, achieve more, and inspire others to create positive change too. 

Are youR STAFF…..

If you need your staff to be more engaged, collaborative and productive, you’re in the RIGHT PLACE.

I’ve been working with teams like yours for over 18 years.

During that time, I’ve seen incredible transformations and helped countless teams to find their flow, become more collaborative and work together to get things done.

Let's give your team

Imagine if you could reconnect with the best of you again.

Remember what it feels like to be confident, have absolute clarity about what you want, and how you’re going to get it.

Remember when you faced down challenges and blazed through adversity, with as much thought as you’d give a Sunday stroll.

I know you can do this. Why? Because I’ve helped hundreds of professionals, just like you to regain control of their lives and get back to making a difference. I know positive psychology coaching works. 

Jodie Cooper executive coach and positive psychology coaching online

With the right mindset

Positive psychology coaching gives professionals like you:

What Will executive coaching with Jodie actually look like?

The first coaching session is free. No obligations, no hard sell and definitely no ongoing stalking afterwards. 

I offer an hour to talk through what’s going on for you. I’ll share some science around positive psychology, explain the way I work, and together we’ll map out what success looks like.

I’ll likely gift you a book, then send you off to talk with your inner circle about the decision. (I hate pushy salespeople, so you definitely won’t get that from me.)

Then, if you choose to go ahead, each coaching session is approximately an hour. It’s fun, playful and you’ll walk out of our positive psychology coaching sessions feeling more focused, positive, confident and in control. 

Generally, over the ten sessions we’ll weave in and out of the following topics.

Gaining Clarity
Simplifying Success
Boosting Wellbeing
Setting Boundaries
Thinking better
Improving Connections
Crafting habits
Finding Flow
Building confidence
Staying Motivated
Discovering Joy
Lifting Energy

Want to feel more confident, motivated, POSITIVE and productive?

Why is Jodie’s coaching program different?

  • Wellbeing isn’t just a nicety to me; It’s how I live.

    I start each day watching the sun rise with Oliver (my overzealous cocker spaniel) and make my wellbeing my priority. I know it's my wellbeing that underpins my happiness and success.

  • I definitely don't know everything.

    While I know what works for me, I also know that those things may not work for you. So, my job isn’t to ‘know it all’, but rather to help you get curious, and playfully explore what might work for you.

  • Coaching is a fun, fluid, friendship like no other.

    I love developing relationships and staying connected to clients as we go. So, if you smash a goal, text me a pic. Or if we laughed about Oliver, I’ll SMS you a shot of him destroying… yet another library book. LOL. The more connected we feel, the more likely you are to create positive change.

  • I love adventure and I adore being in nature.

    I’ll inspire you to dig deep to find the things you love too, because I know firsthand the joy it brings. I’ll support you to reconnect with what lights you up, because there’s no sense in getting more done… just so you can do more. I want you to fall in love with life again.

  • I’m no superwoman.

    I’m comfortable getting things wrong, sharing my mistakes and opening up about my experiences. We’ll likely laugh about my family refusing to eat my cooking and you’ll get the unfiltered version of what I believe success is. We won’t just spend time on you, we’ll be tapping into a beautiful synergy between us.

  • I’m probably a lot like you.

    I’m also juggling kids, work commitments, family and my wellbeing. While my life definitely isn’t perfect, it is full of fun, adventure and I know that what I do, makes a difference. If you've got multiple tabs open, I totally get it. Let's not aim for miracles, but bite sized, tangible improvements.

  • I have a little experience.

    With over 18 years’ experience coaching and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP), I know how to help professionals like you to create positive change, that sticks. The science is there to help us and my job is to bring it to life for you.


And, if you still want the boring, (but very professional) bio, including awards, degree’s and achievements; Click here.

The very cool truth about wellbeing

Wellbeing underpins everything I do in my positive psychology coaching sessions… Why?

It’s as simple as that. 

You know that you’re more likely to walk the dog, choose an apple or make time for your kids… when you’re feeling good. However, you also know that when you’re feeling bad, you’re more likely to choose Netflix, Tim-tams and get narky at the kids. 

Here’s a little science on why prioritising wellbeing makes sense.

When you feel positive, your brain becomes 31% more productive.
Your staff (and kids) are likely to be 30% more productive if you're positive.
High levels of wellbeing give you up to 23% more energy.
Wellbeing boosts creativity by around three times, helping you solve the tricky issues.
Your salary, productivity and engagement are closely correlated to your wellbeing.

Rebuilding your wellbeing will enable you to relax more often, find contentment and joy in every day things and give you the resources and strategies to become happier in yourself. 

If you invest in just one thing, it should be your WELLBEING.

Jodie’s coaching program could be a great fit if you’re thinking….

As your coach, together we will;

Coaching isn’t for everyone, and Jodie doesn’t accept all clients.

If the below sounds like you, perhaps positive psychology coaching isn’t the right avenue, right now.

Here’s what other professionals love about working with Jodie.

I now have clarity around my priorities and how to live them.
I’ve got simple strategies to get more done in less time.
I feel confident in myself and have tamed my self doubt.
I can say “NO”; To anything. I actually have boundaries now.
I’ve got more time for friends, family and fun stuff.
I’m actually making a difference at work and contributing.
I feel optimistic again and am excited about my future.
I’m just happier in myself and content with my life.

Ready to feel more POSITIVE and have more FUN?

Want to improve your PROFESSIONAL and personal life?

Why I do what I do.

I believe the world right now, needs you to shine.

When you allow your inner critic to take over or feel overwhelmed or stuck in procrastination, you simply won’t have the time, energy or motivation to help our world. 

Right now, our world has too many challenges and not enough brave leaders to face them. From climate change to corruption; poverty to poaching, social media to self harm. The issues we face are unprecedented and the rate of change is accelerating.

Our world, right now, needs professionals like you, to inspire and lead positive change.

I do what I do, because I know, that when you feel great, you will inspire the people around you to take small, but positive action. And that has the potential to create incredible ripples, right across our globe.

Still have some questions?

Absolutely true. You do not need anything added to your to do list right now. That’s why the first few sessions we focus more on thinking and noticing. We start with an hour a week, and even after our first coaching session, you’ll have found more time and energy to invest in your wellbeing. During our first chat, (yes, the free one) you’ll start feeling more optimistic and motivated and get a feel for what’s possible again.

Yes and No. Yes, during the ten sessions you’ll definitely make incredible progress and largely be feeling like a new woman. You’ll gain clarity, improve your wellbeing and feel in control again. 

However, life isn’t a neat path straight to happy ever after. It’s more like a cocker spaniel racing along, smelling a million things and looping, back tracking and jumping all over the place. Because life’s like this, many of my clients stay with me after the initial ten sessions. They purchase another package of ten sessions and space them out monthly, or bimonthly, to keep them accountable and on track. I’ve had numerous clients for over ten years. 

Positive psychology coaching is a little different to executive coaching and life coaching. I’m unique in that I blend all three. 

Executive coaching focuses on boosting productivity and leadership skills. It can leave out the messy head stuff around why you feel overwhelmed, or lack confidence or keep procrastinating. Most executive coaching will not delve into the science of wellbeing or help you prioritise your personal values at work. It will support you to get more done and become more efficient, but I don’t believe that’s enough for you. 

Life coaching works by asking great questions. While there’s incredible value in helping you to think deeply, they don’t share the science of positive psychology, making the process longer, and typically less effective. Life coaching also doesn’t cover the complexities of your professional life and the nuances of becoming more effective in your role. 

Positive psychology coaching uses evidence-based initiatives from positive psychology to help you manage stress, amplify the positives, nurture your strengths and enable your wellbeing on every level. While the science isn’t everything, in my experience, once people understand how their brains work, where willpower and motivation come from and how to manage their inner critic, everything becomes easier. 

So, what I offer is a very unique blend of positive psychology coaching, with executive and life coaching mixed in as needed. I’ve found over the years, that it’s incredibly powerful to have the three disciplines, and love being able to support clients in a way that’s just right for them. 

With 18 years’ experience, and clients who keep returning year after year, I’m pretty confident I can help you make the changes you want.

To be brutally honest, I’m not fixated on your goals and getting you there. I do however, care deeply about your wellbeing, because I know that will become the path to your success. As we work together, I’ll help you get really discerning about what goals are important and what you can ditch.

There’s a simple science around how you can feel better, achieve more and create a rewarding and meaningful life. I’ll share everything I know in little bite size chunks to make it as easy as possible.

You may be able to fool yourself with excuses or distractions, but I have highly tuned BS radar and am happy to call it. Don’t worry, I’ll always be compassionate, but I’m a big believer in clear and kind communication.

I get it. There’s always something more important. While that’s valid, it can also become a pattern when you never prioritise your own needs. Coaching is an investment in your wellbeing and will pay you back ten fold in quality time with the family, improved productivity and feeling content in yourself again. 

If not coaching, please make sure you do something for yourself. 

HELL NO! I’m definitely not saying that you can have it all. 

Personally, I think the idea that women can “have it all” is a stupid myth that’s perpetuating our exhaustion. What I will help you do is to get really clear on what’s important, regain your confidence and motivation, build in some simple strategies and positive habits so that you gradually redesign a life that feels great for you. 

You will learn to say no, become uber efficient, reconnect with things that matter and feel content that you have the time, space and energy to have fun again. 

Actually, once you start working with me, there’s a good chance you’ll start to see the damage that the “have it all” myth has done in your own life. 

Yep, you will survive. So, if surviving is the goal, you definitely don’t need a coach. 

If, however, you’d like to thrive; To feel calm, connected and on top of things; Then getting a little support is a great option to speed up your progress and gain accountability too. Remember, there’s no hard sell, so it’s worth having a conversation and seeing what it’s all about.