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Positive Psychology coaching & wellbeing training to unleash your potential.

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Stressed & Exhausted?

I promise, there is an easier way.

If work feels like a burden and home is loaded with obligations, it’s time for a change.

Positive psychology is the science of wellbeing and provides insight into crafting a rich, meaningful and positive life.

At the heart of my work is the knowledge that when you prioritise and protect your wellbeing, everything in your life improves. Because…

When you feel good, you do good.

Is it easy? No.

That’s why I’m here to help with positive psychology coaching and wellbeing training.

Positive Psychology Coaching & Wellbeing Training
Meet Jodie Cooper Positive Psychology Coaching & Wellbeing Training

Meet Jodie Cooper

Positive Psychology Coach & Wellbeing Trainer

Hey There,

If you’re ready to reach your potential, I’m here to help.

Over the past 18 years I’ve helped professionals restore confidence, rebuild motivation and become more resilient.

Essentially, regaining clarity, achieving more at work and enjoying more at home.

I facilitate positive psychology coaching for individuals, and wellbeing training and workshops for your team.

Our world, more than ever, needs you to thrive.

It’s your time.

Positive Psychology Coaching & Wellbeing Training


Unlock your potential by prioritising self-care, embracing strengths, and managing negativity. You’ll learn to cultivate hope and build habits to help you thrive at work and at home.

Wellbeing Training with Jodie Cooper


Boost your team's positivity and productivity by up to 30%. Give them tools around mental health and wellbeing to ensure they stay focused and connected with their work.

Jodie - Speaking Positive Psychology Coaching & Wellbeing Training


Inspire your staff with a key note address to help them rethink wellbeing at work. They will leave feeling more motivated and have new strategies to stay engaged.

Helping you, or your team, to thrive

“By prioritising Wellbeing, you fuel your Success.”

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