Wellbeing Workshops & Mental Health Training

Giving your team the tools to thrive.

Would you like your team to become more positive, collaborative, engaged, and motivated?

With the rate of change accelerating and mental health declining, it is more important than ever to prioritise your teams’ wellbeing.

Many studies now indicate that thriving organisations prioritise and invest in staff wellbeing.

Wellbeing workshops & mental health training could be the answer you’re looking for.

Happy Clients:

Mission Australia
Coca Cola Amatil
Business in Heels

Is your team experiencing stress, overwhelm or burnout?

Working with organisations for over 18 years,
I know how to help their staff reach their potential.

My Wellbeing Workshops & Mental Health Training help your team:

Feel inspired and connected to their work. Improve confidence and motivation. Build communication skills. Develop resilience. Elevate creativity and productivity. Lead positive change.

Organisations that recognise and prioritise their staff, create cultures that are more positive, productive and profitable. That’s where I can help. 

Wellbeing Workshops & Mental Health Training

" Jodie’s workshop is delivered in an honest and authentic way, drawing on her own life experiences. Her messages are easy to understand - simple yet powerful. She encourages you to want to bring out the best in others, and gives practical tips how to do that. Best leadership course I have ever done!"

Karen Charlton

Wellbeing Training & Mental Health Workshops

Wellbeing Workshops & Mental Health Training
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    Chat with Jodie

    Thinking about a wellbeing workshop or mental health training session? If you’d like to learn more and run through your ideas, it’s best to Chat with Jodie.

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    Schedule your training

    With thousands of organisations needing support, and only one Jodie, you’ll need to book in a date that works for your team early to secure your session.

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    Inspire your team

    Once you’re booked in, Jodie will do the rest. Giving your team a healthy dose of positivity, new insights and strategies and leave your staff feeling totally inspired.

18 Years Experience

With a Masters in Applied Positive psychology and thousands of happy clients, you know you’re team is in safe hands.

jodie training
jodie training

Real Care & Genuine Connections

With warmth and compassion I can relate to your team. I can help them explore their full potential and bring out their best at work and at home.

Playful & Adventurous

I love life. I weave in tales of our trip around Australia with everyday struggles of work and life to inspire your team.
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