Positive Psychology Coaching

Restore confidence, rebuild motivation and start feeling positive again.

The pace of modern life is getting faster and may leave you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or exhausted.

Positive Psychology Coaching will help you navigate the challenges and enable you to craft a life you love with confidence, clarity and hope.

If you’re ready to prioritise yourself again, embrace what you love, and reach your potential….

I can help.

Happy Clients:

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Are you feeling

like sometimes it’s just all too much?

If you know you can do better, I’m here to help.

After coaching professionals for over 18 years, I know that most people overthink their challenges and underestimate their strengths….

I help you flip that.

If you are:
Exhausted with trying to do everything. Overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities. Afraid to speak up or say ‘No’. Struggling to switch off and relax. Missing out on moments with loved ones.

It’s time to make a change.

Positive Psychology Coaching with Jodie Cooper

"Jodie is so insightful and kind. I enjoy working with her as she guides me to explore my abilities, values and learn new ways to reframe my internal talk. The experience has been incredibly positive, and I would recommend Jodie's coaching to anyone."

Sarah Amos

The Science

Positive psychology is the science and study of wellbeing. We explore what makes life most worth living and how to help you reach your potential.

When you’re positive, your brain is 31% more productive. With higher levels of wellbeing you’ll also have 23% more energy and be three times more creative.

Wellbeing underpins your success.

tranquil setting fo Positive Psychology Coaching with Jodie Cooper
tranquil setting fo Positive Psychology Coaching with Jodie Cooper

The Process

With wit and wisdom, I will support you to explore your strengths, unravel self criticism and back yourself again.

Together we set priorities, and over ten positive psychology coaching sessions, I’ll help you reach your objectives while weaving in the essentials of living well.

With a tea in hand, you’ll laugh, cry and create a whole lot of enthusiasm to craft a life you’ve been yearning for.

It’s easier and more profound than you can imagine.

The Relationship

Our relationship is the key to the success in your positive psychology coaching program.
It’s a unique relationship like no other. You will feel acknowledged, supported and challenged.

Warm texts about chicken burgers, sunrise sessions or hard days will become part of our journey together.

Our relationship makes it work.

tranquil setting fo Positive Psychology Coaching with Jodie Cooper

Why Positive Psychology Coaching works

Reaching your Potential is so close now

Feeling good after tranquil setting fo Positive Psychology Coaching with Jodie Cooper
  • one

    Complete the questionnaire

    This will help you reflect on your current challenges and what you’d like to achieve through coaching.

  • two

    Book an appointment

    Next, book your FREE appointment with Jodie to talk through the coaching program and your goals.

  • three

    Start Coaching with Jodie

    My positive psychology coaching program will give you more confidence, support, motivation and hope. In a matter of weeks, you’ll be feeling like a new you.

Proven Process

Proven Process

With a Masters in Positive Psychology, 18 years coaching and a thirst for learning, I’ve refined my coaching process to ensure you reach your potential.



Coaching sessions are available in person at my home office or online. I also offer flexible appointments to work in with your schedule. We can make it work for you.

Money Back

I’m confident you’ll love my coaching program because over 18 years, I’ve refunded coaching fees only once. That was when we both felt traditional therapy was best.
Feeling good after tranquil setting fo Positive Psychology Coaching with Jodie Cooper

You’re ready for a Coach if...

You’ve tried, and tried on your own...

Life is pretty complex and even though you’ve tried multiple things, you still feel stuck. It’s time for a new strategy and I can help.

You know things can’t stay the same...

It’s not just feeling like you’re on a treadmill, it’s that inner critic that’s smashing your confidence and making you feel like crap. Trust me, there’s a better way.

You want so much more out of life...

When you’re stuck, it feels like you’re missing out on so much. Time with your family, opportunities at work and fun moments with friends. You deserve more.
Jodie Cooper Positive Psychology Coach

Meet Jodie Cooper

Positive Psychology Coach & Wellbeing Trainer

Imagine reconnecting with the best of you again.

I’ll help you feel confident, clarify your goals and then support you to achieve them.

My positive psychology coaching blends the best of executive coaching with life coaching and leans on the science
of wellbeing to help you reach your potential.

It works, because:
When you feel good, You do good.

Over many years I’ve helped many, many professionals, just like you, to feel good again, regain control of their lives, and get back to making a difference.

It’s your time to thrive.

Positive Psychology Coaching Feedback

5 Stars