Working with Wellbeing free Ebook.


Whether you’re wanting to improve staff productivity or just curious about positive psychology, my Working with Wellbeing fee Ebook has something for you.

Over the last 18 years, I’ve been coaching professionals to get their heads right, so they can get more done at work, and have more fun at home.

This book is a culmination of the best of what I’ve learned. It’s just one concept per page, so super simple to jump right in and find some inspiration to improve your workplace today.

But, why free? Because the more productive and happier you are at work, the more time you have for your family and the good things in life. (And when you’re happy, you lift everyone around you, and that makes for a better world for us all.)


About the Author

Having grown her own coaching and presenting business over the last 18 years, Jodie is now an expert on positive psychology and helping professionals become more positive, productive and profitable. In November 2019 Jodie and her family took off for a 12-month adventure in their caravan around Australia – and returned three years later with great tans and a swag full of stories.

Success to Jodie is making the moments count. She has a master’s in positive psychology, a degree in Commerce, a diploma in positive psychology and coaching and graduated as an Officer of the Australian Army Reserve, at Duntroon. She’s worked in multiple industries, hiked the Kokoda trail and loves having fun with her favourite people.

Jodie brings positivity to everything she does and her Working with Wellbeing free Ebook is another example of her helping professionals get more done, so they can have more fun.



Bringing Happiness Home

Ever experienced the happiness & joy of being on holidays and wanted it to last forever? ‘Bringing Happiness Home’ is a beautifully photographed book with 44 concepts of how you can bring happiness into your home and your life to stay.

Each page had a beautiful photograph (taken all over the world), an inspiring quote & a simple concept on how to bring more happiness into your life.

If you’d like to buy hard copies for friends or staff, please get in touch.