About Jodie Cooper

For 18 years, Jodie has been help professionals become more confident, motivated and resilient. 

With a degree in Commerce, Life & Executive Coaching Certifications, a Diploma and Masters in Positive Psychology, Jodie is the right person to help you reach your potential. 

In November 2019, Jodie and her family set off to travel around Australia. Three years later, they returned with a swag full of adventures and a philosophical shift in perspective. (For the full story.)

Outside of work, she loves surfing, running, practicing yoga, hiking,  snowboarding, training Oliver, her trusty cocker spaniel, listening to country music, house projects, tidying up…. and pretty much anything that get’s her out of cooking. 

Her adventures outdoor are balanced with laying in the sun with a book. She has a deep love of learning and if she could have dinner with anyone, it would be David Attenborough, hands down. 

Success to Jodie is living in a way that embraces the little moments. Making time to enjoy a sunrise, playing handball in the street or laughing with friends; These are the moments that matter most to her and what she’s passionate about bringing to life for you.

With a quirky sense of humour, abundant cups of tea, endless enthusiasm to help others, and a highly tuned bull sh!t radar… 

Jodie Cooper is a great person to have on your team. 

Jodie Cooper executive coach and positive psychology coaching online

If you’re looking for a wellbeing keynote speaker and a positive psychology expert, Jodie Cooper (MAPP) will tailor a presentation to your organisation. 

Looking to re-engage your team and get them feeling more connected, motivated and resilient? 

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