Public Speaking
with Confidence

Public Speaking Workshop

This public speaking course in Wollongong is unlike any other. Jodie offers a unique blend of building confidence, learning about the psychological side of speaking and giving you tools and resources to play with.


This public speaking course will calm your fears and equip you to step in front of any audience with confidence and a presentation you can be proud of. You will learn to play to your strengths, , connect with the value you offer and learn the art of body language. By the end of Jodie’s public speaking course in Wollongong you’ll be able to craft great content, know the essentials of engaging your audience and feel confident that your next speech will really hit the mark.

In the Essentials of Speaking with Confidence course you will:

Public Speaking Wollongong Courses

Public speaking is torture if your head’s not in the game. Even with all the tools, techniques and resources, if you’re petrified you just can’t deliver a great presentation.


Jodie’s public speaking course in Wollongong will help you first get your head right and then layer in the skills you need to overcome your fear, nervousness and anxiety around public speaking. In a supportive, fun, friendly environment you’ll not only become a better presenter, you may just become a better person too.

Public Speaking Workshop

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Jodie’s Public speaking workshops are unique. The blend of positive psychology, fun activities and engaging stories will make the day fly by. You will walk away feeling more confident, have a new set of skills, and make sure you never miss another professional opportunity again!