X-Public Speaking

Sally Mynhardt, Registered Nurse

“I attended a course on public speaking with Jodie Cooper as our lecturer. It was an amazing day and she helped us all to feel more confident when confronted by an audience. I can highly recommend Jodie. She gives a course that is clear and precise and one leaves with…

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Kylie Jayne, Business Advisor. Enterprise Plus

“I attended Jodies Public Speaking workshop and took away so much. Jodie was able to turn something scary like public speaking and make it less daunting with actionable tools and frameworks to help you show up as your most authentic self and engage your audience with powerful content and connection.”

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Danica Vujic, Executive Assistant. Peoplecare

“Jodie is a fantastic coach and trainer. Jodie recently helped to prepare for a presentation for a conference and I don’t know that I could have done it without her.  She really helped me to break done the concepts into simple chunks, explain my story well and helped me to…

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