Internal dialogue to get results

The results we achieve in our lives are directly related to the quality of questions we ask ourselves internally. What is your internal dialogue like? Internal dialogue is that voice in your own mind that is constantly chattering.
Do you ask yourself empowering questions like “how can I make this situation the way I want it?” or do you ask poor questions like “why does this always happen to me, what have I done so wrong?”
In reading both questions, you will notice your emotions change. The first question gives you control and acknowledges the possibility of having it the way you want it. The presupposition is that you will achieve it, it’s simply a matter of how. The second question presupposes the situation is entirely out of your control and you are a victim of circumstance.
Your thoughts direct your focus and your focus will essentially determine your results. Each day we have between 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts that direct our emotions and our actions. Begin to notice your internal dialogue and as you need to change it, ask yourself “what thought will support me in becoming the person I’m choosing to become?” Choose to think that empowering thought!
Your thoughts effect everything around you!
This is a part of my book Bringing Happiness Home, it’s just one of 42 principles on Happiness. If you’d like to purchase the book simply visit our contact us page and email me.