Planning our big lap of Oz

The Cooper Family adventures in positivity

It’s been a long time planning our big lap of Oz, and hard to believe we’re finally here. When telling friends and family about out adventures ahead, the first question, after the audible gasp, is “how have you made it happen?” Some of Sean’s work colleagues figure we won lotto. That would have been wonderful, but I’m afraid it took a lot more time, effort and planning than that. LOL.

People aren’t so much questioning why we’re doing it (everyone loves the idea). Rather, they seem to be genuinely baffled that we have planned it, budgeted for it, and are brave enough (or crazy enough) to make it happen. So, allow me to share how it’s come together.

Planning our big lap of Oz wasn’t a recent event. It’s a seed that’s been germinating for over 10 years. Just after Sean and I met, I started my coaching business, and it was always designed to be a lifestyle business that would allow me to be at home and work around kids, and eventually, enable us to travel wherever we wanted. But building a business like that wasn’t easy, it’s taken me thirteen years, but we’ve made it, and I can now work anywhere.

Three years ago we set a date, but for over 8 years, it’s been on our goals map, which I have laminated in my shower. Yes, I’ve been looking at the goal to ‘plan Oz trip’ every night for many, many years, and so has Sean. So, when we thought about a trip to Bali, or renovating our bathroom, we came back to the goal, and kept saving for it. It was a little idea, that turned into a dream that we’ve worked hard towards, and now made it a reality.

Planning and organising our big lap of Oz was complicated and involved many lists in Evernote on Caravan requirements, budgets, to do lists, truck upgrades, schooling and destination tips. Sean took a promotion two years out, knowing the it would go straight to our ‘trip fund’, we purchased our caravan, Macy, 12 months ago, so we had plenty of time to get used to it and I timed my Masters degree in positive psychology to finish just before we left. Each step of the way we researched the best options for us. We took our time, and figured out what we needed as a family to make this work.

So, it wasn’t luck, or a coincidence, it was many years of concerted effort towards a very clear goal. That’s not to say it’s the only way to plan a big lap of Oz, I’m sure some people just throw it all in and wing it, but for us, the deliberate planning of our trip has made it easier, and also built the excitement and anticipation.


If you’re thinking that planning a big lap of Oz is too hard, start small. Begin by collecting ideas and talking about it. You’ll be surprised how much energy comes from starting to think in a positive direction. Hopefully, you be planning of your big lap of Oz soon too.