Why questioning your values is essential for happiness

Questioning your values is essential for happiness. Knowing and more importantly living your values creates happiness. Your values are the things you hold dear and place above all else in your life. If you haven’t consciously thought through your values, there’s a good chance you living the values dictated by…

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Adventures in Positivity Jodie Coopers Family
A little idea and a big lap of Oz

Adventures in Positivity was a little idea I had over a year ago. A concept that has since sprouted and grown wings to gently reshape my business and hopefully, inspire others to play with the theories and science of positive psychology in their own lives. It’s time for a change.…

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How Play changed my mind

I recently used the intervention of Play to improve my own personal wellbeing as an assignment, and I loved it. Here’s how it went…. Like most professionals, sometimes my life can become demanding. I have two children (aged 6 & 7), run my own business, am undertaking the MAPP, am…

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prayer flags
Annapurna – A Nepalese adventure

It was 5am and freezing cold as we shuffled into a taxi that looked like it had already driven across china and back, that morning. When I say it was average, I mean the brakes were supplemented by the hand brake as the hills got steeper and the suspension was…

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