Imperfect Us podcast with Jodie Cooper – From Travelling Australia to the importance of hope

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Today the team at Imperfet Us Podcast with Jodie Cooper have shared Episode 36. Check out #ImperfectUsPodcast with Jodie Cooper shared #episode36. 🤸🤩💃😆

Imperfect Us with Jodie Cooper

They titled it ‘Laps Around Australia Reveal New Learnings’. I’m super excited to share it. 🥳🤩
We chatted about wellbeing concepts that support our people, communities and the gifts nature provides all of the perfectly imperfect humans across the globe🌍.
We share micro-moments that help us to flourish more consistently in our daily lives, regardless of the challenges we are facing, and why HOPE,🕊️ enables us to see and believe that we can make positive changes when we are faced with challenges, one ‘teeny tiny’ action can lead to new discoveries.
We talk about the philosophy behind our adventures, the role of stress, and our experience paddling past a giant crocodile. (Spoiler alert… we survived. LOL)
You know I’m on a mission to inspire positivity across the globe, so join us in this wonderful episode of Imperfect Us with Jodie Cooper that will inspire you with ways to explore ‘teeny tiny micro-moments’ such as: ❤️ ‘Nothing Moments’; ❤️the power of questions and the importance of having a trusted ‘coach’ as your guide to what’s possible; ensuring we have the 🤠‘right wellbeing and learning tools’ for the right purpose and at the right time’; Letting go🙌🦎🤷 AND become more playful. 😜
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