The expectation gap – are the “Jones’s” wrecking your life?

Imagine you could choose between earning $50,000 or $100,000 each year. Pretty silly question, right? Well, actually, there’s some interesting data that indicates the majority of people would choose the $50,000. The choice was $50,000 – providing that everyone else was only earning $25,000. Or $100,000 – but everyone else…

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What is iGen? – And how can we help them?

What is iGen? They are the generation born in 1995 and later. They grew up with the Internet and could swipe before they could walk. Unlike any generation before them they have had unlimited access to the internet and have been shaped by this engagement with devices. I’ve recently read…

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Play can help us deal with stress and become more resilient

Last year, Narelle Lemon and I graduated from our Masters of Applied Positive Psychology together. Funnily enough, on that first scary day at Uni almost three years ago, Narelle sat next to eachother and just clicked. We helped eachother through Uni and became firm friends in the process. Narelle has…

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Practcing gratitude with the family_adventures in positivity_2020
Practicing gratitude with the family

Practicing gratitude with the family is different from doing it on your own. For a start, not everyone will have a natural affinity with noticing and appreciating the positive. Let along expressing it. Today I’ll share how we’ve been practicing gratitude with the family recently and why we’ve needed it…

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Feeling grateful creates happiness
How practicing gratitude creates happiness

There is now abundant research showing how practicing gratitude creates happiness. Lyubomirsky in her book ‘The How of Happiness’ describes how gratitude creates happiness and I’d like to share her thoughts and how we put gratitude to practice in our family. By noticing the positives in our lives, gratitude enables…

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How Play changed my mind

I recently used the intervention of Play to improve my own personal wellbeing as an assignment, and I loved it. Here’s how it went…. Like most professionals, sometimes my life can become demanding. I have two children (aged 6 & 7), run my own business, am undertaking the MAPP, am…

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