The power of Gratitude

Butterfly 2One of the things that I believe is both one of the keys to true happiness and completly underated and underused in our society is gratitude! Image that each day you woke and asked the simple question of ‘what’s great about my life?’ This question alone would start to help you focus on the positves all around you. You’ll beging to notice the good things in your world and the aspects of your life that you may not have noticed for a while.

In contrast, imagine waking up each morning and asking yourself the question ‘what’s wrong with my life?’ How quickly would you find answers and sink into a dark depression of focusing on all the things that are both wrong with your life and wrong with the world.

I believe that the quality of our lives comes down to the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. Are you ready to bring an attitude of gratidude, and lasting happiness into your life each day? Perhaps it’s time to start asking some powerful questions! 




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