Thinking for Success

Thinking for success - Jodie Cooper positive psychology coach

Recently I was asked how I help people to think for sucess. Weather it’s success at work, or success in life, these simple ideas will help you.  

  • We all arrived where we are today as a result of the thoughts we have had in the past.
  • Are the majority of your thoughts positive or negative? Every day we have between 10,000 and 80,000 thoughts.(80% of which was the same stuff you were thinking about yesterday.)
  • Our brains job is to make our lives easier by taking short cuts. By the age of around 30 our neural pathways become largely fixed, which minimises the amount of original thinking we do.
  • Everything starts with …Thoughts – emotions – actions – results
  • When we think positively we are more likely to take positive action.
  • Happy people are healthy people. It’s not rocket science, but when we feel good we consistantly make good decisions.
  • The more positive emotions we experience the more likely we will be to step outside of the comfort zone, try new things and meet new people.
  • Try to write down three positives about your day, every day.
  • The more your mind learns to think positively, the easier it will become.

Good luck and if you’d like more info about coaching or how life coaching can help you head over to the contact page.