What is Positive Leadership

Positive Leadership is about bringing out the best in people

Interested in leadership, then you need to be asking “What is Positive Leadership”? Essentially the role of the positive leader is to nurture, support and lead both individuals and teams into becoming positive deviants. That is, taking positive action that is outside the normal expectations and requirements of the organisation; for the benefit of individuals, teams and the organisation. Positive leadership sits firmly on the scientific foundation of positive psychology.

Positive leaders focus first on what goes right, they enable staff to bring out their best, both professionally and personally, and work towards enabling a thriving organisation. They enhance not only the financial bottom line but the wellbeing of everyone in the business.

The benefits of positive leadership are profound. Research by Harter, Schmidt and Keyes, 2003, found that employees with a positive leader experience greater levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction, higher productivity, higher retention rates and improved profitability.

Kim Cameron’s model of positive leadership includes;

  • A Climate emphasising positive emotions within work
  • Positive Communication, enabling a 5:1 positivity ratio
  • Meaningful work that connects staff to a higher purpose
  • Relationships built on compassion, trust and reciprocity

As a leader, it is your role to both promote and model positive leadership in your organisation. Doing so will facilitate and inspire positivity for the benefit of everyone in your workplace. So, the next time you’re asked “What is Positive leadership?” you’ll be able to articulate what it is. If you still need some help, feel free to contact me.