Zen music, Scented candles and a pot of tea!

Day spaIt’s with much pleasure I write this post on the blissful nature of taking time to relax! I was fortunate enough to have a birthday recently and my wonderful husband got together with my beautiful sister in law to organise a gift voucher for some pampering at a Day Spa.

I’ve decided to split the blissfulness and have a few massages rather than one long dunk in a seaweed wrap or something equally strange and tantalising. After my massage today (yes, I should have been working, but I figured I deserved an afternoon off) I was sitting in the ‘day spa’ and was offered a pot of tea. Having time (a remarkably wonderful commodity when your a mother) I sat for a while and just relaxed, soaking up the ambiance and basking in the peace and quiet.

I started thinking about the experience and what it was that made it so blissful. I came to the conclusion that apart from the obvious absence of my loving husband, energetic daughter and lovely baby boy, the only real difference was the zen music, scented candles (the expensive ones, not the cheap ones) and a pot of tea. So… I’ve decided that at least one night a week, when kids are in bed I’m going to recreate the ‘day spa’ feel and see if I can create the same ambiance at home!

Wish me luck!


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