5 ways to look beautiful… without makeup.

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I guess most women go through it, but I’m certainly noticing my physical appearance is changing, I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in the last 3, but then, I think that’s pretty normal with motherhood isn’t it. LOL. I always laugh when people look at my business card photo, then look at me, then back at the card, then they say “You look different!”

It got me thinking about what Beauty really is and what’s really important for me, particularly considering my ‘stage’ in life. I’d like to think I can focus on the 5 attributes below rather than try to mask or delay the natural process of aging. So here goes:

1. Smile often and easily; A stunning woman with a frown on her face doesn’t look attractive. It’s just that simple!

2. Acknowledge what is beautiful about you; perhaps your kind heart, your generous sprit or your fun nature. I don’t believe there’s anything more attractive and alluring than a confident woman!

3. Be authentic; Let your real nature shine through and allow the best of you to come out. Play to your strengths and be true to yourself. The more you love your life the happier you become, and that is truly beautiful!

4. Uplift others, be a positive force in the world! When you acknowledge and compliment other people not only do you help them see the beauty in themselves it helps you feel great about yourself and truly shine!

5. Be mindful of beauty and express gratitude freely; Become the sort of person that recognises the beauty in everyday things. The shape of a autumn leaf, a little boy playing with a dog, the sound of the rain on a tin roof, notice the beauty in the world and share that beauty with others.

I can’t promise it’s going to erase wrinkles, bags under the eyes or that extra few kilos but I can promise that as you feel more beautiful others will see you for the truly beautiful person you are!

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