The Shoeshine Boy

This is a beautiful book about a young boy in South America that’s a shoe shine boy in an airport. Two American businessmen see him and begin to teach him some of the essentials of both life and business. Without going through the whole story I wanted to share some of the little gems that I found in the book.

1. If you want something, ask, but be sure to ask the right person. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.

2. The law of reciprocity means that the more you give the more you recieve. Get into the habit of giving generously.

3. It takes hard work to succeed, don’t ever think someone has had an easy ride, behind every success story is plenty of failures, heartbreaks and losses. Commit to the hard work and stay true to the outcome, even if the method has to change along the way.

4. Know what’s most important in your life and live your values, that way you will always be authentic and comfortable with your choices in life.

5. Be grateful for what you have now and optimistic about the future, but never let one cloud the other.

All up, it was a great book and definitely worth the read!