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Recently I attended a business conference where we were encouraged to write our business values down. I’ve always known my personal values, but I didn’t see how my business values would help, being it’s generally just me in the business. However, the business is growing. I now have a Marketing Assistant, Alanna working with me, and am looking to add a VA to the team early next year. So, sitting down with a bunch of post it notes and thinking over what my business stands for was a great exercise.

If you haven’t thought through your business values, start by considering what it is you want to achieve and how you believe you can do that. Clear values will guide every business decision you make and help both staff and clients align with what you believe and the mission you’re working to achieve. So, with much thought and deliberation, here are the 5 core values of my business and how i see them working.

  1. POSITIVITY – Fostering a growth mindset, building optimism, highlighting strengths and nurturing resilience within our team, clients and community
  2. WELLBEING – Practicing the concept of Santosha and doing business in a way that promotes our health and lifestyle and that of our clients
  3. AUTHENTICITY – Staying imperfect and presenting consistently in a way that is true to who I am and the values we believe in
  4. INSPIRATION – Learning something new every day that leaves us feeling like we can make the world a better place and help others do the same
  5. ADVENTURE – Being playful within the work we do, exploring new ideas and being open at all times to opportunities to grow

There are hundreds of values to choose from. Take a moment now to write down your ideas and give yourself time to mould them into something that will inspire your team. Good luck!

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