“From a business perspective, I believe that if you’re not seeing a professional like Jodie, it’s not possible for you to be firing on all cylinders. After 10 years in the industry and 5 years in charge I was overwhelmed with the ongoing responsibilities that needed to be met on a daily basis. Having 16 staff members, controlling three different divisions was a consistent challenge of which my life was in total disarray. I had no balance in my life and it felt as though I was constantly chasing my tail.

Within two sessions, Jodie had me worked out. It was such a relief. I was delegating left, right and center and was able to focus predominantly on the areas of my business that needed me most. I have a 5 year plan and the company has grown by 20%. The ability to see the goals we put in place being met is incredible. Business is exciting as is the wonderful environment I have been able to create at work. More importantly, I am very happy from every perspective and this I give thanks to Jodie for ‘sorting me out’.”