Bruce, Professional Trader

For the last twenty nine years, I am now aware that I have been psychologically ‘beating my self up’ due to many awful decisions I had made in my personal and business life. This was the worst possible impediment one needs when wanting to support a family, look after employees and the interests of shareholders. On one hand my self-belief, intuition, training and skills would propel me into endeavours that were impossible at worst or extremely difficult at best. I came to believe that only I could find the worst possible way to attempt a project or undertake a new venture.

I realised very recently that I needed some help to overcome some problems about the way I approached things that I could not define let alone understand, and that I needed help. Those readers of this testimonial who know me would certainly say, “Yes, you needed help!” I contacted Jodie Cooper and she was gracious enough, after I had completed her Introductory Questionnaire, to spend an hour with me in a FREE interview. Jodie was sufficiently astute to quickly recognise my problem – she provided me with the key to unlock the shackles that I alone had placed around my entire approach to life. In days my personal and business life has turned around with tangible results to demonstrate that change. I am now able to say I made one smart decision in my life. Dear readers, the only way you will learn Jodie’s secret solution to problems that I admit I had, and that you might have, is to contact Jodie and invest in one of her coaching programs.