Daryl Hockey, Heavy machinery operator

“I have been with Jodie’s work now for over 18 months. I have been diagnosed as suffering from ADHD for 10 years. Now the strand of ADHD that affects me is short term memory, lack of organisational skills, lack of future planning as well as anxiety coupled with depression. Everybody will no doubt have suffered from at least one of these problems if not more.

With a ADHD sufferer they experience it more intensely, more frequently and for longer. Jodie has been a major factor in bringing me out of the woods and 18 months down the track I have referred back to our work and I can honestly say that I have immediately achieved my smaller goals and now, even next week achieving my biggest goal which is travelling overseas on my own, as 18 months ago I saw it as an impossible and terrifying feat. If you’re not a sufferer of ADHD imagine what she could possibly do with/ for you.

Jodie’s work environment is very relaxed and we’ve had some good belly laughs as well. Thank you Jodie. I’m truly glad life sent me your way!”