David Jennings, Owner. David Jennings Building

“I was recently offered the opportunity to do a 20 minute business presentation at a major event, run by Pat Mesiti, on the Gold Coast. I contacted Jodie Copper, and booked a 1 hour public speaking coaching session. In that hour Jodie quickly sifted my ideas and enabled me to hone in on my message. Jodie has an ability to ask the right questions that weeded out the unnecessary content and enabled me to choose the right direction for my presentation. Timing is one of the most important aspects of presenting, and Jodie helped me get my main points across with this in mind.

Jodie, many thanks for your input it was a huge help! I can report that my presentation went really well, I was able to deliver great content on time and with confidence, with many people giving positive feedback. THANKS JODIE, YOU ROCK!”