“I believe the essential criteria of Life Coaching are listening, challenging and facilitation. Jodie strikes a great balance between all three, drawing out the answers from within. When taking on a coach, my goal was to attain an understanding of the process with an aim to use this knowledge to improve my interactions with people. I have been able to achieve this goal and more. At the same time learning more about myself and the importance of setting goals. Coaching has enhanced my ability to understand “just what is important”. With focus and belief anything is possible.

Coaching provides the opportunity to critically evaluate yourself. There is nothing so challenging than to question your long held beliefs. The best outcome of coaching was to extend your reasoning power by having someone that will listen, question and facilitate but not judge. The benefit of hearing yourself explain yours goals and thoughts cannot be underestimated.

If you are seeking to challenge yourself, maximise your output or simply to learn more about yourself then coaching could be for you. Coaching provides the vehicle for you to focus on whatever it is that is important to you (it is different for everyone; it is definitely not one size fits all.)”