Jordan Schaefer, Honours Student. University of Wollongong

“I came to see Jodie at the start of my Honours year in a Bachelor of Psychology because I was aware that certain aspects of my lifestyle (e.g. time management) were limiting my potential at University. Jodie helped me to implement meaningful change in a number of areas of my life that helped me to stay on track throughout a very challenging year. Jodie played a big part in helping me achieve first class honours and the best thesis mark from any student under my honours supervisor.

The sessions were enjoyable and engaging and helped me look at life from a different perspective. It amazed me how making a number of small, yet powerful changes made such a difference. My family and friends recognised how consistently I was able to work throughout the year and how much my time management improved. Jodie was also very happy to provide assistance outside our structured session times to help me get through periods when balancing course and thesis work seemed too much to handle. I truly appreciate your help, thank you Jodie.”