Maria Mitzikis, The Food Muse

“Jodie immediately made a friendly and very professional impression on me. When I met Jodie life was starting afresh for me, I had no contacts for my business and no direction as to how to grow my client base and business contacts. At her invitation I embarked on a 6 week program with her and at the end of these sessions I had realised all of my personal and professional goals and am now running a successful bustling Cooking School in our local area.

Jodie stood by me every step of the way, guided me and encouraged me to do the things I would not have had the confidence to do on my own. She kept reinforcing with me my natural abilities and even though I know I would have eventually achieved these successes, I also know I would never have done it in the short space of time without her support. I would recommend Jodie’s’ life coaching program to anyone wishing to expand their possibilities in any area of their lives. Jodie is establishing herself as Illawarra’s leading Life Coach with her simple yet determined guidance, which she hands over with intimate care, precision and clarity.”